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Welcome to Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts! I'm Stacey, an elementary school teacher on an extended sabbatical, mother of three boys, and diplomat’s wife.  Together we travel the world. Most recently we've lived in Greece, Germany, Denmark, and are currently stationed at home in the good old U. S. of A. Whether home or abroad, I love to sew and craft. This blog is a showcase for my crafts and clothing designs and since I have three boys of my own, it tends to be boy focused.

I watched my mom sew as I was growing up and learned myself in high school. It wasn't until I was due with my first little boy that I finally purchased a sewing machine.  This in turn made me realize how much more I wanted to learn about sewing. As we grew our family and traveled around Europe, I began to realize that what I really loved to sew the most, was clothing for my boys and since interesting boy’s patterns were hard to come by, I started designing and drafting my own. 

Living and traveling around Europe has certainly had an influence on the clothing I design.  When I think about European children’s fashion, I envision fresh, modern designs,with interesting details and just a wee bit on the edge. This style is perfect for expressing the beatnik spirit that lives within every little boy. This plaid jumpsuit, the Tuxedo Style Top, and the Contrast Tank and Undies are just a few items where this design influence is apparent.

From time to time you'll also find crafts and activities to keep kids busy. Some of my boy’s favorites include the TP Roll Superheros, Fabric Scrap Puppets, and Chalkboard Squirt Gun Targets.

Blog Events

Sew In Tune: an online sewing series co-hosted with Melissa of Melly Sews in which we and fellow guest bloggers provide tutorials, round ups, and giveaways inspired by the music we love. Click here and here to access the Sew In Tune archives.

Handmade Gifts For Boys: an annual series during the holiday season and co-hosted with Jessica of If Only They Would Nap. Seven straight days of gift ideas, tutorials, free patterns and giveaways focused on gifts just for the guys in our lives. Click here for last year's series wrap-up.

Feel free to e-mail me anytime with questions/comments.  As soon as I have a free moment from chasing after my three hooligans, I'll be sure to write back.

As always, thanks for stopping by!