Friday, December 6, 2013

Handmade Gifts For Boys: Monster Soup Mugs

My boys like soup.  I consider it one of the few clear victories in my parenting experience.  You'd think, what's not to love about soup but when it comes to these three, anything with cooked veggies is usually an outright "eat around it" night.  For some reason, soup is an exception.While thinking about things that I could make the boys that they'd like, and that we actually needed, I settled on soup mugs.  They've hit the point where the little baby bowls don't quite cut it anymore, but they family plate set that I so coveted as a newly married woman, don't really work for the kids.

Which means we needed something just for the kids.  Personally, I like my own soup in a mug or deep bowl so I confess, these might get used by me in secret.

I picked up a trio of soup mugs from our local grocery store.  These happened to be on sale, which makes me like them even more.  I used Elmer's Painters Markers to draw on the monster faces, let them dry for 24 hours and then baked them at 350 for 30 minutes to set the paint.  Besides the wait time for drying and baking, this was an almost effortless gift.

I know this series is geared toward things that boys might like to get as gifts but who doesn't want to eat soup out of friendly, little monster mugs? Now the only problem is deciding who gets which monster mug.

Ready to win more handmade, boy friendly gifts?  Today's giveaway come from Mi Cielo.

Mi Cielo is a handmade shop that sells the most adorable character appliqued t-shirts and onsies.

 Mi Cielo has generously offered to giveaway any 1 item from the shop (max $30).  Enter the Rafflecopter below.  Open to U.S. residents only.

 photo 5f3d7c63-f0fb-4951-9e8c-4f3fc2d887a2_zpsb770a6b7.jpg 

Now run on over to If Only They Would Nap to see how Jess made this DIY ball pit!

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  1. it would be sooo hard to choose. princess layer. baby ninja. baby youda. dark vader. hahahaha. yeah. impossible!

    but it WOULD be toddler sized. lol.

  2. Looks Like Mr. Tee... Toddler T-Shirt

  3. It would have to be a Yoda t-shirt

  4. I love the Leave my bangs alone, spock toddler shirt.

  5. I love the Mr. Tee rattle and t-shirt!

  6. gotta be a Star Wars Tshirt. Love them all!



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