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Friday, April 5, 2013

Angry Bird Star Wars Party Game Ideas

Angry Bird Star Wars Birthday Party

In the craziness that is a 7 year old boy's birthday party, taking pictures of the game portion of the party just slipped my mind. I can't claim creative genius on anything we came up with anyway. There are just too many good ideas already out there. Here's the line-up of the games we played along with notes on how I changed things up from the originals or what we did with printable materials created by others:

We played this game in relay form. Two teams, two sets of piggies. We used our Angry Bird Star Wars plush toys to know the cans over. I didn't feel like painting cans so I covered each can with a strip of green construction paper and then glued on piggie faces that I found here.

Another relay game we played was "Pop the Piggies". We blew up a green balloon for each child, drew on piggie faces and taped them to the wall. Taking turns, the children ran up to the wall, picked a balloon, ran back to their team and then used any means (except teeth) to pop their balloon. The team to pop all of their piggies first was the winning team.

As soon as I saw this on Etsy, I knew I had to create one myself. I purchased the Twister game and painted the faces myself. Once the eyes and beaks were added in paint, I used a sharpie marker to add the features. It's surprisingly easy to modify the game. This game is best with a small group so if you are going to play, I suggest an alternate activity for the other kids. FYI: seven year old boys are not content to sit and watch their teammates play.

  Lastly, we played a bit of Angry Bird Bingo. As a parent, this is a nice way to wind down a party. I like to get the loud rowdy games out of the way before the food and cake, send the kids out into the yard to work off that sugar, and then bring them in for the last 20 minutes or so for the bingo. We like to use m & m's for our markers but if you can find Angry Bird Gummies or some other Angry Bird themed candies this works well too. They just might need a few reminders that if they eat their "chips" they can't possible win the bigger prizes.

 That's it. It always amazes me how quickly a 2 hour party flies by. If you've throw an Angry Bird party yourself, I'd love to hear your party ideas!

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  1. That looks like a great idea for a party! I bet the kids loved it!

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