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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sew In Tune: Gangnam Style

I have to start by admitting that I have been totally out of the loop when it comes to this song's popularity. Music on the radios is not censored for language here and while I'm not always prim and proper with my language (I can own up to the fact that, from time to time, grumbled adult language pours forth. Especially if I step on a Lego), I have to say I'm pretty darn American when it comes to keeping those words away from the little ears in this house.  Which means, we don't often listen to the radio.

My eldest son, on the other hand, listens to the radio each day while riding the bus.  It's one of those, you can't shelter them forever type situations.  When I first started hearing the fuss about this song, I had to ask my 6 year old what it was all about.  Which lead to looking it up on YouTube, which lead to a dance party, which lead to a discussion on whether "sexy" is a bad word.  Which lead to me smiling for the rest of the day over his sweet innocence.

The point is, he loves the song and I have to admit it's one that inspires you to get up and boogie. I can't tell you how cute a 6 year old is doing that silly dance.

What caught my eye while watching the video is the super fun clothing.  I had to recreate an outfit from this video.  All of the tuxedos are fabulous, but what caught my eye was the white shirt with the three rows of buttons.  I decided to give it a whirl.

I started with Melissa's Trendy Tuxedo Shirt pattern which already included extra width for the tuxedo pleats.  I extended the front pieces by another inch to give the shirt a fuller fit and make sure I had enough room for the extra plackets.  Besides the normal shirt pieces, you'll need 2 extra placket pieces and corresponding interfacing. This gives you a total of 4 placket and 4 interfacing pieces.

On the wrong side of each shirt front, I marked a 1 inch pleat , 2 1/2 inches from the center, raw edge.
Iron each piece of interfacing to the wrong side of a placket piece.  Press each in half the long way, then open up, fold half to the wrong side and press.

Line one placket up with the pleat on the right side of the shirt front.  Sew using a 1/4 inch seam.

Press the seam under, then fold the placket over the pleat, tucking the folded edge under.  Pin and topstitch to the shirt front.

You'll now have a very nice button placket.

Lift that placket up out of the way.  Pin the right side, raw edge of the next placket to the wrong side, raw edge of the shirt front.  Sew using a 1/4 inch seam.  Press the seam toward the shirt front, fold the new placket in half (long way), pin and topstitch in place.

You now have two nicely formed plackets.  Repeat both steps for the other side.

Once the plackets are sewn, you can sew the shirt up per the pattern instructions.

Once the button holes are sew, you're ready to sew on 15 to 18 buttons on the shirt front.

I also included a button on the back collar and two on the shoulder seams.

The shorts are the Clean Slate Pants in oatmeal linen.  And there you have it, your very own Gangnam Style shirt. Turn up the beat and you're ready to party!

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  1. Your boy is absolutely adorable - saw on your info page you live in Scandinavia - I'm from Norway!

  2. first, he is ADORABLE!!!!!!! and this shirt is fantastic!!! great job!!

  3. Awesome!!! My kids love that song too! :)

  4. Love the look - and your patience to sew on so many buttons!

    1. I don't mind sewing multiple buttons. I just plop myself in front of Downton Abbey or Big Bang Theory and the time flies.

  5. So hilarious! Love it love it love it.

  6. Cool shirt! Your little boy is so cute.

    I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

  7. He is so cute and the shirt turned out great

  8. Great! Perfectly fit. I like it. Little Gangnam Style, it's so cute :)

  9. That's really cool. You should have dressed as the cowboy!

  10. What a fun inspiration and finished product. I have the same 'issues' with my 9 year old riding the bus here in Germany. We also have had to talk about some of the lyrics of songs she has heard on the bus. We also gave her an ipod to listen to with music we think is more age appropriate. ~Major Moma


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