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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sew In Tune: Alida Makes

If you're looking for the Booking Across America post, welcome!  Click here to view my book choice and Nevada state activity.

Now on with the sewing!  Today we have the adorable Alida, of Alida Makes, with us for Sew In Tune.  I'm so excited to have her here today.  I've had the pleasure of getting to know Alida over the last few months and she's one of those bloggy friends that I'd love to hang out with in real life.   You know, the one I'd follow around and copy every amazing thing she does kind of friend.  Not only is she hilarious, stylish, and an amazing designer, she's also mommy to 4 of the most adorable kids on the face of this earth. Let's see what Alida has sewn up for us today . . . 
Hey y'all!  Have you heard this song?  Apparently it's been out since the Summer but I just heard it about a week ago, and as soon as it was over I said "Oh yeah, I'm using that as my inspiration for Sew In Tune."  It's a little vulgar, even in the "clean" version, but the message is great and it's super catchy!  I decided, because of it' words, to put the "clean" version of the video on my blog in case you haven't yet heard this song!
The song, as you may have guessed, is about shopping at thrift shops and how awesome it is to get a good deal.  But the bigger message is that it doesn't matter what brand name of clothing you wear or how much you paid for it.  What matters is your attitude.  If you're confident, no matter what you have on, you'll look like a million bucks.  

And as you can see, Gabe has quite enough confidence to pull off this look!  

In the video, Macklemore wears (and raps about) a lot of different furs, so I knew fur was a must for this look.  I decided, like the song says, to go to the thrift shop with $20 in my pocket and try to buy a whole outfit.  Here's what I came up with:

I found the coolest graffiti shirt and it was ginormous, so I knew it would be easy to use as fabric in a refashion.  The striped shirt I had on hand.  The jeans are a boy's size 14, and Gabe wears a 10, so I thought I'd have to take them in and up but when he put them on they actually looked pretty good!  I think having jeans that are a little big kind of goes well with the thrift shop vibe.  The fur jacket was a women's medium.  I had to 'boy it up' a little to get Gabe to wear it, and cutting the sleeves off to make it into a vest worked out really well, and he loves it!

Here is a photo of the two shirts I used for Gabe's thrifty chic tee.  I just made a basic long-sleed tee shirt out of the two shirts with a button up placket.  I made the sleeves a little skinnier than I normally do, and I love the way it looks on him.  

So if you're ever inclined to make a fur vest out of a fur jacket, here is how to do it.  It literally took me 10 minutes, no shedding, no sewing!

This may be the most important step.  Cut off that girly tag!

Cut the sleeves on the outside of the shoulder seam.  Make sure you don't cut through that seam!  

Because you left the shoulder seam in place, once you pull off any loose furry pieces you shouldn't have any more shedding.  And that's it!

Thanks for having me today!  Make sure you stop by Alida Makes for lots of fun sewing tutorials!

I'm floored that you were able to put together this amazing refashion for under 12 bucks, Alida! And the shirt is just fabulous! For more beautifully crafted, stylish clothing head on over to Alida Makes.

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  1. I love Alida Makes and this outfit is great! That graffiti print is amazing!

    1. Isn't it though. Alida finds the best thrift store grabs and always seems to turn them into something amazing!

  2. Super cool! Seriously, so perfect. The shot with him sitting is awesome!

  3. I LOVE the outfit & I LOVVVVVVVE the song! I first heard it back in the summer on Basketball wives and fell in love with the beat! Your thrifting skills are AMAZING to spend so little--great job!

  4. Awesome, Alida you totally nailed the outfit!

  5. Oh my Gosh Alida, you are so great! I LOVE your swag, girl!


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