Friday, February 8, 2013

Project Run and Play Week 5: Men's Shirt Refashion

I have to admit that I was stumped by this week's challenge and by Wednesday, I thought I wasn't going to participate this week. Men's button up shirts are the perfect bit of fabric to cut up to make a boy's button up shirts, pants, or shorts.  The ready  made cuffs, collar, and even the button placket can be really useful, if like me, you're not the biggest fan of sewing those parts by scratch. For some reason, my mind couldn't wrap itself around the creative end. Was it possible to get creative with a set of pajamas?

Men's Shirt to Kid's Pajamas

I knew I wanted to stretch myself a bit farther this week and kept putting the pajama idea back on the shelf. I finally decided to just go ahead and give it a go.  At the very least, the little guy would get a new pair of jammy-jams.

Men's Shirt to Kid's Pajamas

The finished pajama set has an Asiatic feel to it.  The crisscross of the top, mirrors the shape of a kimono, while the bottoms combine my favorite features of yoga and harem style pants.

Both patterns are self-drafted.  To create the kimono style top, I started with the Pauley's Pullover pattern from Sewing For Boys.  I cut the original front piece in two and extended each side so they would cross in front.  The sleeves were then shortened and widened a bit, to give them a more relaxed fitting. The front facing, bottom hem, and collar are bound in ribbed knit bias binding and closes with snaps.

The pants were made using the sleeves of the button down shirt and the pattern drafted from an existing pair of sweatpants.  The waistband of the pants are finished with a wide "cuff" which can be folded down to create yoga style shorts.

Project Run and Play Sew Along

The pajama cuffs were made extra wide so they can be worn folded, for shorts in warm weather, or left down to extend for pants to the ankles.

One of the things I love about sewing, is the number of different creative possibilities that can come out of using a recycled garment.  I'm really happy that I finished this week's challenge.  I started out feeling limited by my own expectations of what could be made from a men's shirt and in the end, am thrilled with what I made.  Not to mention the fact that this project cost pennies since most of the fabric was recycled.

We're off to test out their sleep worthiness. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great refashion!!! the Pj's turned out super cute!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Melissa. They passed the sleep test so I think they're keepers.

  3. I love how you mixed the stripes vertically and horizontally - and the addition of the teal makes them fun and modern. 'Pajama to the right, pajama to the left, we can pajama all through the night... it's pajama time!'

    1. I love how fitting a pattern onto an existing garment forces you to play with the print. Glad so see someone catch my Pajama Time reference!

  4. These pj's turned out so cute! I love that they were refashioned from a big boy shirt. Good job.

  5. I love al the pants made from the sleeves. An they inspired the bloomers I made from the sleeves on my hubby's shirt. :)

  6. We featured you on our blog. Thanks for sewing along!
    With Love,
    Shaffer Sisters

  7. Turquoise edging is great! The best thing is the boy feel comfortable in it :D


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