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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Project Run and Play Week 4: Love Is In The Air

I love boy shirts with funky pockets so when I saw the Project Run and Play theme for this week, I knew just what I wanted to do.  I'd seen this sweatshirt on Pinterest a while ago and knew immediately that I wanted to make a stab at something similar.  Thus was born the ,

Heart Shaped Pocket

I started with the Oliver + s Sailboat Top as a base (it's one of my favorites but any t-shirt pattern will do) and made some simple modifications to add the pockets.

Once my t-shirt front and back were cut, I made a pocket template.  Since I wanted the front and back to make a complete heart, I drew half a heart, using the side seam as the mid-point.  I included another inch seam to show where the pocket hem would lie.

Transfer the pocket shape to the front and back pieces and cut along the lines.

You'll want to match up the front and back before tracing the marks onto the back piece so you can ensure proper placement.

Cut a strip of knit ribbing about 4 cm wide by the length needed for the pocket.  I left just slightly more and trimmed after sewing.  Fold in half, matching up the long raw edges. Pin in place, with the raw edge even with the raw edge of the pocket. Using a 1/4 seam sew ribbing to pocket.

Press toward the side seam, trim excess ribbing, and topstich.

Now cut a square of contrast knit just slightly bigger than the heart cut out. Pin in place on the wrong side of the shirt front.

On the shirt front, with a water soluble pen, mark where you want your pocket.  Sewing along this line will create a pouch pocket.  Trim away any excess fabric and repeat for each heart cut out.

Finish off the shirt by following the pattern directions.

I love the darling, little details of the Sailboat Top. I had printed the pattern ages ago and didn't realize until I started sewing that I'd failed to print the directions.  As is my luck, our computer screen was cracked last week and so I had to wing the directions.  I went with contrasting sleeves and buttons and used gray thread to tie in with the pocket binding.

The pants are an altered form of  Figgy's discontinued Dapper Dillingers (you can still find the paper pattern in a few places) that I used here.  Another favorite pattern.  The possibilities are endless with the contrasting pockets and elastic filled waistband facings.  This guy is just so darn long and lanky so this is the 18 month pattern stretch to a 4T length. 

Oliver +s Sailboat Top

There's still plenty of room, just in case he decides to plump up.  I used Kona Cotton in Ash and went with this red, chevron pattern for the pocket facings and waistband.  Something about the fabric reminds me of candy which I think is appropriate for a Valentine's outfit.

Dapper Dillinger Trousers

You'll have to excuse the glarning orange from his winter jacket.  He was such a trooper to come out in the 45 degree heatwave to catch a picture before the sun ran back away behind the clouds.

And there you have it, a comfy knit tee perfect for a pocket loving boy and a pair of candy kissed trousers. 

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  1. Very great boys look for Valentine's Day! Love the pockets.

  2. Love the shirt! And the trousers... great job!

  3. Thanks, everyone. The pockets didn't come out quite as heart shaped as I wanted. And even though chevron is on the outs, trendwise, it will always make my heart flutter.

  4. I love those pockets - I had a similar idea but never got to the last item I wanted to sew. Great outfit.

  5. It's so hard to come up with valentine stuff for boys...this is genius!


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