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Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Like Dad Robe

Just Like Dad Robe

I made the Just Like Dad Robe (November's "Sewing For Boys" Sew Along pattern) for my three year old for Christmas. Sadly, I've been waiting all this time for a day with enough sun in order to get some decent photos. They're still not great (improving upon my photography skills is a big goal for 2013) but with the December/January pattern due soon, I thought I better get this post up.

Sewing For Boys Robe

The pattern was sewn using flannel coordinates in orange from the Children at Play line by Sarah Jane.  I'd used a few of the aqua prints for his Goodnight Sweetheart pajamas that I'd made in October.  The flannel is a dream to work with limited wrinkling after washing and no fraying.  It's soft and cozy without being big and bulky which makes it perfect for lounging around on lazy Saturday mornings.  Or rather any morning, since this kid would rather stay in his PJs all.  day.  long.

The pattern itself is quick and easy to follow.  Easily a beginner project especially since the directions are straight forward and require basic sewing skills.  Two things to keep in mind as you are working your way through.  1.  They were unable to fit the entire pattern piece on a single sheet so you'll have to match up two smaller pieces for the front piece.  The pattern is clearly marked, just make sure to line up and tape where it says.  2.  The front piece has an interesting shape to it because of the fold over collar so don't let that make you nervous.  As with each of the patterns in this fabulous book, do not panic, it will all turn out beautifully in the end.

I love the fold over collar because it provides a peak at the lining fabrics and I didn't have to fuss with attaching a collar.  I had ordered just enough of each fabric, and I wasn't thinking about the directional print when I first started cutting, so I didn't have quite enough for a solid robe lining.  In the end, I think I like this even better because I was able to showcase a third fabric. I ended up opting out of the included pockets. My little guy's favorite part is the belt because it gives the robe such a grown up feel.  He likes the fact that he can "tie" the belt himself, though I think I should have lengthened it by another inch or so.

He's a skinny thing but man this kid's got a pot belly on him.

Just Like Dad Robe

GQ here is happy with his new robe which makes me happy.  I think I've mentioned before that he's hard to please . . . ahem . . .I mean . . . when it comes to clothing.  His big brother has already put in a request for his own Just Like Dad robe in red. Which means, I'll have to make one for number three as well.

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  1. Adorable! I LOVE those fabrics you chose. (I've had my eye on some bike fabric for awhile and this might make me take the plunge!) And I love that he likes it and that it's like his dads. There's just something about little boys looking like their fathers!
    Thanks for linking up!


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