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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March Sewing For Boys Pattern Announcement

I don't mean to panic anyone.  You still have two days (thanks Leap Year) to get your February patterns posted to the original pattern announcement.

But I looked at the calendar this morning and realized . . . we were getting awfully close to March.  Which means, it's time for a new pattern.

Our pattern for March is the Easy Linen Shirt.  Depending on where you live, you may not feel you're ready to be making clothes out of linen.  No worries.  I've seen the pattern done in many different fabric choices and they seriously all look great.  I'm so excited about this one. I can't wait to watch my boys making sandcastles, in these adorable shirts, next to the too cold to go in ocean.  In July.

Sewing For Boys Sew Along Rules and Guidelines

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cereal Killer Stencil

 Last Thursday it was almost 50 degrees here.  Today it's cold with freezing rain.  And our heat is not working properly.  I don't blame it really.  I'm almost ready to put some gloves on and half depressed even though I knew the weather last week was too good to be true.  On the up side, I got my 3 year old to agree to a nap today and while I know I'll regret it at 9 pm when he's still awake, I'm reveling in the quiet.

cereal killer stencil

It gives me the chance to show you one more thing from S's birthday.  He's a big breakfast eater.  Not a big fan of any of the other food groups, but breakfast he loves.  Especially cereal.  So I thought it appropriate that have a shirt that proclaims his love.

And even though he's not smiling, I swear he likes it.  And I swear he's not always this crabby.  If you've been following this blog for a while now, you might be ready to suggest childhood depression.  But he really is happy--most of the time.

See the smirk.  I think what makes him happiest in the world, is doing the exact opposite of what I ask.

I made up a stencil with my Silhouette machine and cut it out on freezer paper.  If you've got a cereal fan of you own, feel free to download the stencil from the link below.


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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Birthday

My middle guy turned 3 this week.  We haven't made a set of 3 year old friends yet.  Frankly, until he starts preschool, we're most likely not to meet anyone between the ages of 1 and 5 because everyone here sends their kids to daycare after the first year of their lives.  It's putting a damper on our friend making abilities.  Which means that S's birthday celebration was a bit muted this year.

And I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.  I love planning and executing a children's party but I've been rethinking the idea of the birthday bash.  I come from a family of birthday enthusiasts so growing up (and even now) birthdays are a big deal.  No matter what, they will talk to you ON the day of your birth.  And your presents WILL show up in time or there is a gnashing of teeth.  According to my husband, normal people do not expend so much energy and make such a big deal about some one's birth.  I'm still doing research on whether this is a male idea or that he's misremembering his upbringing.

With these factors in play, the celebration was kept small.  S got to pick what we had for dinner (a whole roasted chicken, if you're interested in knowing).  We made cupcakes together and topped them with a fabulous set of superhero toppers from One Charming Party.  We added 3's and Super S . . .  with scrap booking stickers to personalize them a bit.

I couldn't resist making up a few superhero pennant banners.  I'd picked up a few superhero themed comic books when we were last home in the States.  The intention was to make the banner to use as decoration in S's superhero themed room but life got a hold of us and I forgot until just now.

So thanks to the birthday celebration, he'll now get another piece of decoration added to his room.  I originally saw this on One Charming Party but instead of using double sided bias tape, I put some red twill tape to good use.  Much easier than trying to keep the comic book pages tucked into the middle of the bias tape while sewing.

A new Spiderman (with muscles) costume made his day.

Here's to a great year!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Custom Printed Clothing Labels

I had print up a small batch of labels for me recently.  I love that you can order just a few and they send you a photo before mailing to check if it's what you had in mind.

I'm not yet set on the design.  I think it needs a bit of adjustment.  I played around a bit, at first, with some thing in the arena of "Handmade by Stacey" but the nagging in the back of my head about some day opening an Etsy or Big Cartel shop, got me thinking about a shop label.

I'm liking the white on gray but the words don't pop as much as I imagined.  Having no design experience, I think it was a decent first go.  The shop idea is WAY, way in the future.  If ever.  I think it takes so much guts to go out on a limb and open a shop with handmade items and I'm not sure I have the confidence for that.  The idea just won't let me  go though, so one never knows.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Two Face Pants

My oldest is on winter break this week so it has been a little crazy around here.  It always amazes me how just one child can turn the tide and change the house from crazy to insane.  I actually did get a lot of sewing done last week but I'm finding it hard to sit down and actually write about it.

One of the things I accomplished last week was the completion of the February, "Sewing For Boys", sew along pattern.  I made another pair with the Mr. Two Face pattern, in contrasting knit fabrics, a few weeks ago but these are by far my favorites.

I used a black and white Gingham Twill and trimmed the pocket . . .

and cuffs with red twill tape.

The fit is perfect for the little guy.

The fabric is "dressy" enough to wear out on the town and yet relaxed enough for climbing, playing cars on the carpet,

or just chillin' in the kitchen while I make lunch.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Recycled Tee Hoodie

recycled t-shirt hoodie

 Hi.  I'm K. I keep my mommy REALLY busy.   Here's my life in 30 seconds.

She made my big brother, S, this recycled tee hoodie because he LOVES cereal.  Especially Honey Smacks which he thinks are called "hiney smacks".  She thought he'd love a new tee shirt.

What she forgot, is that he hates anything near his neck.  So when it was finished and he tried it on, he gagged until she took it off.  And since we're basically the same size, I scored a new shirt.  It looks pretty good on me, huh?

She used a men's large logo tee and an old rib knit tee she had not worn in a long time, and traced one of S, 3T shirts for the pattern.

There was fabric left over so she added the hood and the bottom cuff.

She thinks I look pretty cute, even if I can't stand still for one minute.

I'm off to cause more trouble.  She says she's going to make one for my big, big brother, so there may be a tutorial soon, if I actually take a nap today.  See ya!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sewing For Boys Sew Along: January Winner

The winner of the January drawing for the Sewing For Boys Sew Along is . . .  Melissa.  Melissa posted her  raw-edge raglan tee on the Flickr Group and blogged about it as well.  That's one happy, little man.

Congrats, Melissa!  I'll e-mail you shortly for your shipping info and such.

Just a little side note:  Please make sure you comment on the original pattern announcement post.  I made an exception this time and took the time to go through the Flickr group to make sure everyone was included in the drawing but this takes a lot of time.  It would help me bunches if you'll comment on the original pattern post.  I'd hate for someone to be left out next time.

If you haven't popped over to check out the Sewing For Boys Sew Along Flickr Group, I encourage you to do so.  There are some super adorable versions.  If you didn't quite make the deadline for this pattern, we'd still love to see what you've made.  Remember, you're entered just for following along with the group and completing the pattern.  We've got a whole month, so if it takes you a week or two to sew the garment, you still have plenty of time to come up with your embellishment idea.  Or vice versa, if that's how you work.

Thanks for all of your support!  On to the next pattern.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February "Sewing For Boys" Sew Along Prize


I'm very pleased to announce Amie Ann, of Pinkapotamus, as our February sponsor for our Sewing For Boys Sew Along.

Amie Ann makes fabulous personalized children's items for her Etsy shop.

My all time favorite times are her personalized mirrors.  She made a knight for C's room last year and it's still receiving awe when his friends come over to play.  Amie Ann has several in the shop right now but she's always up for custom orders if you've got an alternate idea.

And isn't this custom made diaper cake adorable?

Pinkapotamus is also home to adorable mixed media art work for children's rooms.

There are many different themes.  I've shown you some of the more "boy" oriented ones, but she's got plenty of girl themes as well.

Amie Ann has offered up a personalized name plaque for the lucky February "Sewing For Boys" Sew Along participant.

Your personalized name plate can include up to 5 letters and will be mounted on the "fancy" plate shown above.  You can let Amy do her magic or give her a few guidelines on color/theme.  These go for 35 bucks in Amie Ann's shop, so this is a great value.

Thank you so much Amie Ann for your generosity!  The Pinkapotamus shop link will be on our sidebar for the next month.

I'll be back tomorrow with the winner of the January twill tape prize.

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