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Friday, December 7, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys . . . So Hand Make Their Toys: Color Your Own Shirt

DIY Color Your Own Shirt

The idea for this next boy gift came to me after seeing this limited addition shirt at Mini Rondini.  I kept thinking how great the boys would think it would be to get to color their favorite characters.  I started out the old fashioned way, tracing an image by taping it under the t-shirt and then taping it to the window but found the lines were just not as crisp as I wanted.

DIY Color Your Own Shirt

I put it aside thinking it would be fine for the 2 year old.  He'd get a kick out of scribbling all over his favorite Power Ranger and then I started wondering what would happen if I tried coloring on top of a fabric transfer.
Thus started my grand experiment.  Would fabric markers actually work?  If not those, how about Sharpie?  Who was I kidding, of course Sharpie markers would work but would I ever be brave enough to allow one of my children to use them? We'll come back to that question later.

I tested the idea on a scrap piece of knit first.  Avery transfer paper makes this process so easy.  Find an image of the child's most "favoritest" thing in the world, copy it into a Word document and scale it to the size you want.  Children's coloring pages make great t-shirt art.   Follow the package instructions to print the image and iron onto your t-shirt.  Be sure to remember that the image will be reversed on the shirt.  Once my test image was in place, I gave it some color (make sure to place a piece of card board under the image) and then threw it into the wash on the cold cycle.  Since my little To my surprise, the fabric pen worked.  Since my Power Ranger buddy did not wash away, he became a handy little drawstring bag, just perfect for wrapping it all up.

That said . . . I did prefer the Sharpie markers.  See the black pants?  Bright, vibrant, and they went on smooth- like butter.  I'm not sure this will work with all types of fabric markers.  I'd double check that yours says it can be used on all types of fabrics, and always test it out before using them on the shirt you want to gift.

Back to the Sharpies:  I'm still mulling this over.  I think I'd be okay with the older guys using them in a controlled setting; aka:  me not leaving the room or taking my eyes off of them for a single second.  I do have a hard time saying no to crafty stuff that I enjoy myself.  I'll just make sure to wrap the table in Saran Wrap first.

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