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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys . . . So Hand Make Their Toys: Pokemon Card Pouch

Pokemon Pouch Tutorial

My oldest son was introduced to the Pokemon phenomenon a few weeks ago at a birthday party and it appears there is no going back.  He doesn't yet have enough cards to really play but he goes to bed with his small pile still in his hand and has them at the breakfast table with him in the morning.  Since he's already convinced the grandparents to send him some for Christmas, I thought I'd jump in and do my part to keep them organized.

Have a Pokemon crazed kiddo at your house?  Here's what you need to make your own pouch.


- 1/2 yard red knit fabric
- 1/2 yard white knit fabric
- 1/4 yard black knit or two 2 X 6 inch strips
- 2 six inch diameter circles cut from quilt batting or heavyweight interfacing
- 6 inch diameter circle to trace (I used a embroidery hoop) as well as a 3 inch diameter circle
- water soluble marking pen
- snap fastener kit (I use this one from Dritz)
- thread and sewing notions

Trace and cut 1-6 inch diameter white circle, 2 in cotton batting, and 3 in red knit fabric.

Fold the white circle in half and cut along the crease forming two 1/2 circles. Repeat with one of the red circles.

Pin one red 1/2 circle and one white half circle together along the flat said and sew, using a 1/4 inch seam.  Repeat for the other red and white half circles.

What you have should look like this.  Press the seams open.

Pin one black strip to each circle and sew along the long, raw edges.

Cut two 3 inch diameter circles out of white knit, pin to the middle of each black strip and sew around the outside edge of the circle.  You'll want to use a short stitch length to give you better control around the curves.

Baste (at the top and bottom) each circle, right side up, to your 6 inch cotton batting circles.

Now create a layered sandwich:  lining fabric, Pokemon Ball (right side facing down), Pokemon Ball (right side facing up), lining fabric.  Pin in place and sew around the edge of the circle sandwich, back stitching at the beginning and end, and leaving the entire top (5 inches or so) open for turning.

Once the pouch is right side out, press the raw red knit edges in.  Use a slip stitch to sew the front two pieces (the hole) of red knit together.  Then repeat for the back pieces of red knit.  You now have an opening for your Pokemon cards.

Follow the directions on your snap package to insert three snaps.  I've done two and it closes the pouch enough to keep the cards in but I think three would close it more snugly for little one's who tend to shove things into their book bags as they race out the door.

Take out your basting stitches,

and voila',

Pokemon Card Pouch

a Pokemon card pouch for those one the go.  Because I'm told, you never can tell when you'll meet another Pokemon fan.

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