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Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Unfinished Just Like Dad Robe, A Winner, and the December Pattern

So . . . here it is.

 Nice, right?  Silly thing is looking at me so disdainfully.  I ran out of time this month to do it all and the robe (which is to be a Christmas present for S), had to be put on hold.  I promise to get some photos up once I sew these lovely pieces together.  I'm so proud of the three ladies who were able to finish the pattern this month.  Way to go!

Our winner this month is . . .  ginaweaver!  I'm digging the shorter length of this "Jedi" robe and think the minky lining is a fabulous idea.  Shoot me an e-mail when you get this and I'll forward it along to Fuddie Duddies so you can collect your prize.

Okay, ladies.  We've got one more pattern to go, but here's the thing.  We've been sewing for almost a year now and I think it's time (especially with the holidays upon us) to cut ourselves a little slack.  So, I'm giving us two months for this last project.  Firstly, it's a hefty project and I want us to spend the quality time on this project that it deserves.  Secondly, we've got TWO fabulous sponsors this month and they each deserve a nice feature.  So, run out and pick out your fabrics but don't feel pressured.  This is our last pattern from this book to sew together so I'm hoping the extra time will convince you to stick it out to the end.

Don't forget to check in here and over at ifonlytheywouldnap, each day next week, for fun boy themed tutorials and amazing giveaways. "Boys Will Be Boys . . . So Hand Make Their Toys" begins tomorrow.  You won't want to miss.  a.  thing.

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  1. Love the December pattern! And the fact that I have January too since I'm away till 4th Jan...
    Therefore: can anybody tell me how much fabric I need for the jacket (size 4/5 and 6/7)?

  2. hurray- another great pattern. be aware the only pattern the pocket is marked for is the largest size, so remember to correct pocket position for the smaller sizes or you'll be crying after you've cut into the main fabric!!!!
    To correct simply reposition your front pattern so both your side seam and the largest size's side seam matches. Otherwise, your pocket will be too far back.

    otherwise, its a great pattern.

  3. ps my entries are already on flicker:
    they were the first thing I made since it was winter when i great the great book!!

  4. Just my son's 2 in 1 jacket finished. He loves it and so do I! Pics added to the Flickr group and blogged about here:

  5. Just got mine "finished" (it has no button/holes--my machine is not cooperating!!!). Pics posted to the flickr group and blogged at Also, when I opened this page, my son saw his picture and said, "Looks--it's me in my Obi Wan robe!" Thanks for hosting!


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