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Monday, November 5, 2012

November "Sewing For Boys" Sponsor and Last Month's Winner

This is what I saw when I opened the e-mail from our management company this weekend.  We've had crazy, busy days since Wednesday so I didn't get a chance to sit down to my personal e-mail until Saturday. I couldn't believe it.  We don't live here, of course, but we do have renters so the weekend was spent in dealing with this mess.  The most annoying part about it (besides the fact that we plan to sell this property as soon as we return to the States and really don't want to put anymore money into it) is that our rental property isn't located anywhere near the hardest hit areas of the East Coast.  After having spent the beginning of the week worrying over our friends and family living in NJ and NYC, it was completely ironic to find Sandy had bitten us in the rear.  Now that we know our loved ones are safe (if not battered and still without power), I'm anxious for a way to help those affected by hurricane Sandy.  I know Craft Hope has already started working on a relief project to help the victims, so you can bet I'll be participating.

Moving on with bloggy life  . . . it is now November which means we have a new "Sewing For Boys" pattern and a new giveaway sponsor.  Please welcome, Fuddie Duddies.

Fuddie Duddies sells INSTANT download-able PDF sewing patterns geared toward the little men in our lives.

In the shop you will find simple, easy to sew projects that can be embellished or personalized and the prices are incredibly reasonable.

Many of these patterns have little boy Christmas presents written all over them.  What little guy wouldn't love a reversible superhero cape?

Ammie and her family are offering the winner of the November giveaway, one pattern of their choice.  There are many more patterns available so hop on over and check out the shop.  And if you're already thinking about those Christmas lists, be sure to check our their incredible prices when you buy patterns in batches of 2 or 3.

And now, for those of you who sewed along with me last month . . .  a winner.

Marianne.  How cute are those black and white checks?  Drop me a line via e-mail, Marianne and I'll get you in contact with our October sponsor, BlueSusan.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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