Thursday, November 1, 2012

November :Sewing For Boys" Pattern

I can't believe that November is already here, which means, not only a new pattern, but that we've only got two more to go in order to finish out the year. How insane is that?  I'm so grateful to those of you who've helped to keep me motivated and moving through these fabulous patterns.

When picking this month's pattern I was trying to keep in mind how busy these next two months are going to be for all of us.  I also wanted to pick something that you might put to use while checking off your holiday gift lists.  This month's pattern will be the just-like-dad robe.  No matter what season you're currently in, every little boy can use a robe.  Whether it's for traveling back and forth to swim lessons, hoping out of the bathtub, or lounging around on a Saturday morning, this pattern is sure to please any cozy minded little guy.

Start thinking about those fabric choices ladies.  Will you go for warm flannel, cozy terry cloth, or a light summer cotton?

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  1. Good! I've been trying to make this pattern for my god son for months now!!

  2. Oh I love this one. Make sure you tape the front A&B together before you cut out the fabric....we couldn't fit the pattern piece all on one page!

    hurray, i managed to get this one on time! i'll try to add the photos to flicker as well

    here they are on flickr

  5. Hahaha! Thank you Karen, that explains a lot. Too bad I didn't read through the errata (or instructions?) before I did my robe. But I'm done and here is my blog post:

    At least now I know for next time that those are supposed to be taped together not sewn together lol!

  6. Ah, the comments here explain so much! I was just coming to post the link to my disastrous, late attempt. I didn't check the errata first and had NO idea what extra pattern piece was for. I thought I'd cut the 2/3 instead of the 4/5 for the front and that I had traced a pattern piece that wasn't even for this pattern since it wasn't addressed in the instructions! At least now I know that I wasn't losing my mind the night I traced off the pattern--I was starting to wonder!


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