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Friday, November 30, 2012

Books For Boys # 15: Sky High

I'm going out on a limb with this week's picture book review because the boys haven't actually read it yet. It is one of their Christmas presents so it's been carefully hidden away. Well, as carefully hidden as something can get when you have boys who can't seem to grasp the concept of personal space. So this week's book is more of a . . . "the boys are probably going to love this" rather than a tried and true, "we love reading this book".

This week's book is Sky High, written by Germano Zullo and illustrated by Albertine.  First of all, look at that cover.  It is such a beautifully made book.  I just love the contrast between the white sketch and the gray background along with the mustard colored binding.  Be forewarned, this one may not fit your bookshelf in the traditional way but once you open that cover, you'll realize why it's printed in this super tall format.

The story is that of two neighbors who set out to "one up" each other and build the most spectacular house.

I thought at first the miniature print would get annoying but as soon as I realized how it plays into the scene of these monstrous houses, I was convinced of it's brilliance and necessity.  I can see my sons spread out together on the floor staring at these illustrations and devouring all of the subtle changes on each page.  If you have to (it's okay to admit we parents need a little help from time to time) go on and get out your magnifying glass.  Come to think of it, I might wrap one up along with the book.

As is usually the case in these "the grass is always greener" kind of situations, everything gets out of hand resulting in a disastrous end for one . . .

and an ironic twist of fate for the other.

I can already hear their adorable little chuckles as the pig steals the pizza.  If the boys do not love this book, I'll be forced to admit I know nothing about boys.
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  1. I totally bought it on your recommendation. My oldest is into all things building and construction, and wants to know how things are made. I think this might be a story he likes - right now we're reading non-fiction science books for bedtime stories. Cross your fingers it's a hit!

  2. I saw this book in the bookstore and it is wonderful!

  3. that is a beautiful book! fun photos!


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