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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blank Slate Patterns Holiday Collection: The Trendy Tuxedo Shirt

Continuing from yesterday's post, today I'm reviewing another pattern in the Blank Slate Holiday Collection, the Trendy Tuxedo Shirt. This shirt pattern comes in sizes 18m through 8.  I tested the size 6.

I tested Melissa's Trendy Tuxedo Shirt pattern which is a lovely,basic dress shirt pattern with added flair.  It allows for a classic or wavy pleated look which is perfect for the holidays.

As I've found in the past, Melissa's pattern directions are clear and easy to follow.  I was particularly impressed by how easy she makes the pleating process (as long as you don't try to tackle them late at night after a long day with your children).  I think the pleats, sleeve plackets, and added collar stand make this more of an intermediate pattern but that's not to say it shouldn't be tackled by anyone less experienced.  Melissa's directions make these features accessible to those with less experience.  Just go slowly and read the directions several times.

I used a navy Free Spirit Voile that was left over from this project and love how it turned out.  The texture of the voile is amazingly soft which makes this t-shirt wearing boy much happier with his fancy shirt.  I went with some fun, happy faced buttons mostly because I didn't have enough coordinating navy or white buttons.  It's clearly time to beef up my button stash.

I had enough of this set to include buttons on the sleeve cuffs.  You'll notice my cuff is slightly too long at the placket.  This is just the price one pays for being a tester.  Melissa has edited the pattern since testing so this will not be an issue in the finalized pattern.

Since I knew Melissa would be revising the cuff, I have a bit of work yet to do on this one but overall we love it.  The back pleat is another nice touch and while I didn't know what a collar stand was before sewing this pattern, I can now say, I'm a big fan.  It helps the collar lay nicely and actually makes sewing the collar on much easier.

I'm really happy with C's new, self-termed, "fancy man" outfit and can't wait to whip up a few more in minature version.

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  1. Looks great - I need some voile as Tater's is twill and not nearly as comfy.


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