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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sewing Room Schizophrenia

Today's post is brought to you in in part by "Full Disclosure".  I've got problems. It's not something I'm just discovering but it's been worse of late. I swear, I must have crafting/sewing schizophrenia.  Or maybe it's sewing ADD?  Either way it has rendered me practically immobile this week. As you can see, this is not going to be an inspirational post but one where you finish reading and say to yourself, "Well, at least my sewing/crafting space doesn't look like THAT!"

Here's what my sewing room looks like right now:

I'll start with the cleanest part of the room.  For once the actual sewing area is fairly uncluttered.  The pattern I'm currently sewing is off to the left, sitting open to the spot that I stopped in the directions yesterday.  All of the most used sewing supplies sit waiting in lovely fabric baskets that a friend made for me.  These Stegosaurus socks that I've wanted to make the boys for ages sit cut and ready to be sewn. One of the many things not checked off my KCWC list.  And there sits Brunhilde my trusty Brother XR9000.  I decided on her name because she came while we were living in Germany but I think the meaning, Battle Armour, perfectly fits her roll in the family.  Because really, she is my armour against the stay at home mommy crazies.

Moving on . . . you see my current project which is so close to being done.  They're screaming to be finished but all I see when I look at this picture is how hideous that ironing board cover is.

And then there's the bed.  Yes, there is a bed in my sewing room.  It doubles as the guest room.  And usually is has a lovely quilt on it, but until last week the ceiling above the bed was crumbling onto it.  Even though it's been fixed, I've yet to re-make the bed and instead it's become a fallout zone.  Three in progress projects here.  See those I-spy squares.  I organized and laid them out three different times this week.  Each time I walked away, a little 2 year old came along and crumpled them all up.  It is all my fault for trying to fit crafting time in during the day, but wasted time drives me crazy.

Next to that pile of flannel, needing to be made into Goodnight Sweetheart PJ's, by next week's deadline, is the proposed I-spy quilt backing.  And the boys Halloween trick-or-treat bags.  Not really sure why those are there.  I was probably bringing them upstairs and got distracted on the way.

And it just gets worse from there.  Washi Dress pattern cut and ready to be sewn, amazingly I was going to sew something for myself.  It's now way too cold so this will probably stay on the back burner until summer.  Three sewing patterns that need to be filed away in that over stuffed binder and a package of thread that needs to be put on the thread organizer.

Wow, maybe if the bed wasn't so big . . . that pants pattern that is so close to being finished and what's that up in the left hand corner?  Yes, the Henry Shirt which has yet to be fixed.

Almost done with the bed tour.  Here in the last corner are a set of police officer softies which need to be sewn, stuffed, and painted.  They were put on the back burner because Nana sent the boys a set of dollar store handcuffs and revolvers.  I think these will probably wait until they break those.  Which probably won't be that long. And the final item, another KCWC remnant.

And there you have it.  Besides the piles of fabric that need to be reorganized after the whirlwind of boy clothing that has gone on this month.  I swear it didn't look this bad before.

And those lovely bags of scraps that I so desperately need to whittle away on scrap projects.  What I need is a quiet Saturday all to myself and this little space to organize and check some of these projects off.  Having the big boy home last week for Fall Break definitely played into my "putting it all off" mode but I really have no excuse this week.  I better get myself together because my mom just asked for a new Christmas tree skirt.

I need some ideas on re-energizing the sewing juices.  How do you get yourself motivated?

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  1. I never thought about it that way, but my sewing machine is also my armour against the stay at home mommy crazies! :)
    Anyway, just take some time and sjust start organising. When I start organising, I get re-energized. All the fabric makes me want to sew, sew, sew! So good luck with the organising and energising...

  2. Have you not seen that Rae has now made a sleeve pattern to go with the Washi dress? Go and sew for you!
    I love the tour thanks for sharing, I sew in the family dining room so am not really allowed to leave stuff out although there is a sheet pinned on the wall with quilt blocks pinned on to it!
    I think I motivate myself by giving myself a good talking to!

  3. Newest follower here! I found you through the Wednesday blog hop! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  4. I can commiserate completely. I've been having the same problem. I've got so many projects in progress right now it's overwhelming. I finally got around to working on the PJs for this month's sew-a-long. I cut out all the pieces, made piping, and sewed the shoulder seams at least two weeks ago and today I finally made some more progress. I find that if I make lists every day with small goals that don't involve starting any new projects I eventually finish up all those UFOs and just clean up various patterns, pieces, scraps, and such as I go along. Good luck getting yours sorted out! I'll bet just making a list here out in the open will help you get motivated to work through them.

  5. I love how you sort your scraps by color, so smart! i do mine by size and then dig, it is not going well :) i also love that you shared your mess. there is nothing i love more than seeing real life. the ladies in my moms club always joke and call me martha so i always snap a pic of my messy house when it is bad to show them that i am not perfect but i am good at baking :)

  6. What's the color chart above your sewing machine??

  7. My sewing machine is also my mommy crazies armor! And I would NEVER show a picture of my craft room right looks like a bomb went off on the set of HOARDERS.

  8. I love how you sort your scraps!! Brilliant!

  9. OK, be honest, if you had a nice quiet day to yourself it would end with this room being even messier ;) I know mine would. I keep telling myself I'm going to clean it before I start my next project. HA. I need to put it into my regular housecleaning rotation or something, I just can't seem to step into the room without 'just doing a quick something for just a second'... or "cleaning" by finishing projects.


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