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Saturday, October 6, 2012

KCWC is Almost Here!

The Fall 2012 season of Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothing Week Challenge  is about to begin!  Will you be sewing along?  What is on your "To Do" list?

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I've some how found that today is Saturday and the above project is about all I accomplished this week.  I'll be revealing more about that little guy when I guest post, next week, for Toptoberfest.  It's one the boys are really going to love.

My "To Do" list is a bit out of control.  In order to feel like I've done KCWC week justice, I want to finish the following:

* 1 pair of Clean Slate Pants and accessoreis for C's Halloween Costume
* knit cardigan
* cargo pants for C
* Maxwell shirt

If you've taken a look at my Boy Sewing or Boy Apparel Pinterest boards lately, you'll notice I've got a whole lot more swimming around in my head.  Spring colds kept me from sewing the last round so we'll see how much I actually accomplish next week.

Whether you are sewing along or not, don't forget to check out Elsie Marley's Flickr group for some amazing kid clothing inspiration.

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