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Saturday, October 13, 2012

KCWC Day 5 & 6: The Maxwell Top

Maxwell Top

I hadn't intended for this lovely piece to take two days to finish but . . . the best laid plans . . .  and all that jazz.  I was in my sewing groove, the kids sleeping all snug in their nap beds, when the maintenance man showed up to complete work on some overhead lights in (where else?) my sewing room.  Considering the that it took 2 months for him to finally come, I wasn't about to start whining about how it is KCWC and I needed to be in there.  I made myself feel like I was accomplishing something by cutting another pattern but when the day finally finished for the kiddos, I was just plain old beat.

Maxwell Top

So my squirrel-ly little friend had to wait.  Which isn't anything new to these guys.  I stumbled across this fabric while picking up some much needed thread way back in April or May.  I don't usually buy my fabric here because it so shockingly expensive.  Seriously, 20 American dollars per meter for your basic cotton knit.  Just a tad bit over my budget.  But these little guys were calling to me that day and my self control just crumbled.

The pattern itself is wonderful.  Considering the trouble I've had in the past with yokes, this came together like a breeze.  I love all the little pocket details and while the facing shape made me a little nervous at first glance, it fits so perfectly with the construction, I found myself wishing more shirts were made this way.
And in case you're looking for a bit more visual for how the collar and facing should lay, they've put together the Maxwell Top Video .

I love the button tab at the top and had a lot of fun playing around with different button combinations.  I'm not entirely thrilled with how the pockets came out, I should have placed them a bit farther from the side seam but I couldn't visualize how it was all going to lay at that point.

The little guy seems happy with the little extra details as well but either way it's pretty win-win in this family because the youngest is closing the size gap and will easily be able to wear this if his big brother decides it's too confining for him.  He's usually a knit only kinda kid, preferring pj's to anything else so we'll see who gets the most wear out of it.

It's not the clearest picture but I had to include this one.  It has future school picture smile written all over it.  How about my fellow KCWC participants, are you completing a project each day or spanning a few?

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  1. This top is great!

    I've got way more projects planned that I'll have time to finish, but have managed a few..Ive been trying to finish something each day but not always managing it :)

  2. This turned out so cute! I'll have to go look at the maxwell top for my little guy.


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