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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KCWC Day 3: The Greenpoint Cardigan

Greenpoint Cardigan Review

Before I begin gushing over The Greenpoint Cardigan pattern, I feel I must write a bit of a disclaimer for those of you who haven't been reading this blog for ever. Which really is mostly just my mom and a few select real-life friends.  Which brings me back to my point.  I know the amazing designer of the Greenpoint Cardigan.  Like real life know her.  Like, I held her sweet, little middle child in my arms while she slept so Adrianna could drink her coffee in peace while our oldest children ran around tackling each other. Even though several continents span between us and we only get to meet in the real world every 2 years or so, she's still my go-to sewing guru when I get stuck or need a knowledgeable sewing or fabric opinion.  Don't let the fact I know (for reals) that she is a heartwarming, funny, and amazing women in real life distract you from my opinion on the pattern.  Which is for reals, totally amazing.

Exhibit A:  I completed this new, never before sewn pattern in under an hour.  Me!  And I did so with little to no frustration with the fabric at hand.  I'm getting better at the knit (I swear) fabrics but I really can't say they are my go-to fabric choice.

Exhibit B:  The details are just darling.  Waistband, cuffs, and button placket turn an ordinary knit shirt into a stylish product.  I love that the pattern is unisex and that you can dress it up or down.  Adrianna's directions are superb and the diagrams make the construction a breeze.  I learned so much about constructing this type of garment just by reading through the directions.

I know the white interlock was a bit daring but I just couldn't help myself after seeing this Mini Rodini version. I'd intended to add welt pockets to this one but those buttons had been screaming at me for the past few months, just begging to be used and I thought the pockets and  welt pockets would have been a bit much.

Greenpoint Cardigan

C is ready to boot-scoot-and boogie right off to school tomorrow.  The only problem I now have, is that this black and white cardigan is screaming for a pair of red skinny trousers.  Oh, and C wants a tie.  To wear with this cardigan.  A son's fashion education is never over.

Want the pattern?  Click here.


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  1. Love this:) thanks for the link to the pattern!

  2. I really love the contrast of the first and last picture!! What a ham. I really really wish C and Z lived closer....some day.

  3. Oh, what a slick cardigan...and he wears it so well. He does need a tie! :)


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