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Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC Day 1: A Pants Refashion and Pattern Tracing

I actually started my Kid's Clothing Week a day early so I'd have something to post about today. To make sure I'm playing by the rules, my seven straight days of sewing will finish up a day early.  It made much more sense for our schedule considering Sunday is the best chance of having Mr. Wonderful around to keep the kiddos out of the way. Most of my time was spent tracing and cutting patterns.  I'm hoping that will help speed along my progress for the next few days.

Because of that, I've only got one article of clothing to share with you today.  Those of you who have been following along with the "Sewing For Boys" monthly sew along may remember the pants above from when we tackled the Kickin' Back Sweats.  As children tend to do, K has already outgrown these.

I spent my hour yesterday picking the seams to take off the back pocket and the red "cuffs" on the bottom of the pant legs.  He's worn these pants so much, so I was a bit worried about how the top fabric (that has been washed many, many times) was going to compare to the bottom fabric.

In the end I decided to trim about an inch of the hem which had taken on a slight red tint from the dyed twill tape.  I don't think you can really tell in these pictures but to be honest, there is still a slight tint where the first seams meet.  We'll consider them in alignment with the current dip-dyed trend. Or does that make them ombre?

I alternated the direction of the fabric for each "band" that was added, giving the bottom a wide hem.  I'm still not perfectly happy with them and think I'll go back and add some front pockets.  I don't want them to get crazy busy (the alternating gingham pattern does that all on it's own) but I think some pockets with the alternating directional print would help tie the bottom together.  What do you think?  Did you get any KCWC sewing done today?

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  1. I loved these when you first made them and they look fantastic now too. What a great idea to get some extra mileage out of them.


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