Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goodnight Sweetheart Pajamas

The overly ambitious plan, this month, was to make a coordinating trio of Goodnight Sweetheart PJs, but alas, because of my clear inability to stick with what's on a "To Do" list, I've finished just one set.  If you remember, these were on the list at the beginning of the month during KCWC.  I'll continue to blame the delayed fabric delivery for my wandering attention.


The pattern itself is fabulous.  The piping around the front facing and the faux fly put the finishing touches on an already adorable set of pjs.

Goodnight Sweetheart Pajamas

I went with a soft cotton flannel and while I went back and forth for a bit on whether to make the trio in a Christmas print, after seeing the lovely Kids At Play line in orange and aqua from Michael Miller.  I couldn't pass up those stripes and bicycles, nor the orange and aqua combo.  I figure this way the boys will get a heck of a lot more wear out of them than if I'd made them in green and red.

Since I've made the Kickin' Back Sweats about a million times thus far, all I had to do was whip out my freezer paper pattern and get to cutting the pants. Caution:  be very careful when tracing your pattern pieces since the pattern is used for three different style pants and the pj shirt doubles as the Easy Linen shirt pattern.  It wasn't until I got to the "bar tack the pant hem for easy lengthening as he grows" part that I realized they were going to be way too short.

In the end, I think it worked out for the best.  I added a three inch cuff to the bottom in the alternating fabric which I think ties the two pieces together nicely.  I also two inches to the shirt hem since my boys tend to run long in the torso.

I went with the bias tape option this time because that is what I had on hand but taking a look around the blog world, I think from now on I'll stick to the piping.  I think it gives the shirt front a cleaner look and might help to make the front facing lie flatter.

So, I finished under the "Sewing For Boys" sew along mark this month, but just barely.  I've got two more sets to go which should be faster and easier since a) I've already sew the pattern and b) I'll be sure to keep my eye on which lines I'm tracing. S wanted me to show you what they look like while he's sleeping.  Angelic, right?

Don't tell him, but this is a more accurate photo of what he actually looks like while sleeping.  That is if you include a large pile of drool.

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  1. These pjs look great, love the fabrics you used.
    And your final comment, so true of my boys!

  2. Love the PJs! I have some of that flannel saved for the same purpose: pjs for my boys. ;)

  3. such a sweet little boy...PJs look great

  4. Those turned out great!! Sadly I did not complete my set. Halloween costumes and quilt market trumped pj sewing.

  5. OH MY!!! these are the cutest pics! i am crazy for your fabric choice too! Great job!! i am going to try seriously hard to get that robe done this month, i need to do one of these months!!!

  6. How adorable are those?! I love the colors you chose together!

  7. i love these - great fabric choices! not stereotypical "boy fabrics" - but perfect for boys.


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