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Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall 2012 KCWC: The Wrap Up

The Fall 2012 installment of KCWC has come to an end. I can wholeheartedly admit, I'm pooped. Here's what I had planned at the beginning of the week:

* 1 pair of Clean Slate Pants and accessories for C's Halloween Costume
* knit cardigan
* cargo pants for C
* Maxwell shirt

Here's what was sewn:

As you can clearly see, there's a bit of a discrepancy.  I got a little side tracked by all of the amazing projects posted on the Flickr group.  I have enough trouble staying focused on my own, so throw in everyone else's fabulous sewing and I was even worse.  The Flickr group wasn't all to blame.  The fabric for the Goodnight Sweetheart PJs didn't come in time and while I could have made a pair just to make them (I guarantee one of the boys could use an extra pair of pjs), I have a plan in mind for those and am not willing to compromise.  The good news?  The fabric came in over the weekend and are in the wash as we speak so I'll have those to show you in the near future. And the cargo pants?  I dropped them for the drop crotch pants and basket weave t-shirt which I just couldn't wait to make.

These are just a few of my favorites from the boy realm of the KCWC Flickr pool.  Totally wow, right?  I fell into complete sewer's envy and was almost overwhelmed by my inability to measure up to the awesomeness contained in just that group.  But I continued on and I think the inspiration and support everyone shows helped me step outside my sewing box and try some things I'd never have attempted without some one else's pattern.  Overall, I'm proud of what I accomplished last week and will be taking away some knowledge for the next round.  I'm so glad I joined in.  All that sewing, photographing, and blogging in one week left me little time to check in on my friends.  If you were sewing along, I'd love for you to drop a note in the comments so I can check it all out!

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  1. Whoa, you got a lot of sewing done!! Fantastic. I know what you mean about almost feeling intimidated but I agree, it's such a lovely supportive environment to be in.

  2. I'm so chuffed my geo tees made it into your fav's from the pool. Not surprised you are all KCWC'd out, that is quite a collection you've sewn there!

  3. I have been playing catch up tonight in my google reader. Your KCWC items are awesome!! You did such a great job :) i am seriously impressed!

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  5. I think you did amazing, that's a lot to sew in one week. I'm really excited to see my sweatpants are in your favourites.


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