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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Perfect Little Girl Gift?

 I know it always surprises everyone when a boy-minded mom pulls out a girly project, but I do get lucky every once and a while.

We were fortunate enough recently to be invited to the baptism of a friend recently and since I don't get the opportunity to make little girl things very often, I set out immediately to find the perfect little girl gift.

I stumbled upon this Black Apple Doll pattern while searching the blog-sphere for suitable baptism gifts for an 8 year old girl.

A few added embellishments and a monogrammed tote and the gift was done.  This was such a quick project that I feel like getting started early on the Christmas gift list or just making a few to have laying around in the case of birthday party invites.

Seeing that I'm pretty far removed from my 8 year old experiences, I'm just hoping that a doll wasn't too baby-ish for an 8 year old gift.  What do the little girl mom's think?

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  1. I love your version of the Black Apple Dolly...and yes my 8 year old would have loved it too. I think it was a great choice. :)

  2. Love your gift,it would be perfect for baptism gift and i am sure one would be very happy after receiving this adorable gift........

  3. Yes i also really like your present,it would be ideal for baptism present and i am sure one would be very satisfied after getting this lovely present.....


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