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Friday, September 14, 2012

Ninja Dress-up Softies (Free Pattern)


Happy Friday! I've gotten the Ninja Dress-up Softies Pattern uploaded and ready to share.  This is my first official on-line "pattern" so I'm very excited.  Included in the pattern are the pieces needed to create the soft ninja weapons that were introduced in the Emergency Ninja Kit.

Simply print out the pattern pieces, match up and tape the letters on the sword pieces, then cut out and trace onto white fabric.

Once the pattern pieces are cut, paint your ninja weapon images using fabric or acrylic paint.  When the paint is dry sew the pattern pieces together like you are sewing a pillow (right sides together, 1/4 inch seam and leave a 1 inch area for turning and stuffing. Make sure to insert a piece of twill tape or ribbon into each, marked slot at the top of each nun chuck before sewing shut.


Turn the pieces inside out, stuff with Poly-fil and slip stitch each opening. You're kids will love their new ninja softies!  Just beware of an increase in stealth ninja attacks.

Click below to access the free softies pattern:

Ninja Dress-up Pattern

This is my first scanned and uploaded "pattern", so I'd love your feed back if you make a set of your own.  Feel free to make as many sets as you'd like but please only use the pattern for personal use.
Happy sewing!

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  1. Hi Stacey,
    I'm a recent follower and love your blog! I'm excited to try this pattern (um, have my mom try this pattern as I don't sew) but I can't access the pattern. I get a 404 error...anyone else having this problem?

    1. Thanks, Sara. I've fixed the problem so it should be all ready to go. I'd love to see them whenever you or your mom give them a try. This would make a good first lesson if you wanted her to teach you the basics.

  2. My six year old daughter told me last night that she wants a ninja outfit for Christmas.....great timing for me to find your site!

  3. How clever! It is so difficult to find stuff for boys and I'm so glad that you're sharing your wonderful ideas.


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