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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lower Case Alphabet Stamping

I try to set aside some time to work with my 3 1/2 year old on various preschool skills.  His agenda is not always in sync with mine but I try to keep the learning active and interesting so no matter what skill I chose to focus on or how long he chooses to stay and participate.  I'm starting to feel that we get a good 20 minutes of structured learning in each day.

alphabet stamping

One of our new favorite letter recognition activities is Alphabet Stamping.  I originally came across the idea over at Oopsey Daisy as part of her S is For Seuss Packet which has all kinds of fun activities to do with kiddies that go along with Dr. Seuss books. This is just one of many of Alison's "Mommy School Packets" that she offers up for free.

alphabet activities

Alison's version focused on the upper case alphabet and since we've been following along with the Jolly Phonics program, I tweaked her idea to include the lower case letters.

We like these alphabet stampers because they are easy for his little hands to get a good grip on but any stamp set will do.

As you can see, he's still in the early stages of recognition.  He needs me to sit with him and guide his stamping.  So many of those darn letters look similar and we really have to watch which way he's holding each stamp before he chooses where to "stomp" the stamp.  Overall he likes the activity and it keeps him focused and talking about the similarities and difference in letter shape which is thrilling for me to watch.

To download the lower case version click here.

I'm also thrilled with the variety of activities we can do with just this print out.  Letter matching with magnets and roll a letter games with dice are just a few on my ever growing list.  Can you think of other ways to tweak this activity?
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  1. We just did this in our house last week. I also write simple words on a paper and draw a box for him to stamp in under each letter. HELLO DAD MOM STOP. He loves this activity.

  2. i love those stamps! they are just the right size and shape for small hands! thanks for linking this up to tip-toe thru tuesday!


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