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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Books For Boys #9: "Stand Back," Said The Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze"

This week's Books For Boys isn't going to win any prizes for most creative title (I mean, just look at the length of it) but it's one that will keep your boys glued to the pages.

 "Stand Back," Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!" written by Patricia Thomas and Illustrated by Wallace Tripp is a classic. Did you read it as a child?  It was one of my favorites growing up in the 70's and I was thrilled to find the boys like it just as much as I did . . . oh, so long ago.

Poor elephant announces he must sneeze,

which send the animals into a panic.  The recount the horrible things that happened to them the last time elephant sneezed.  The bear lost his hair and the bees had to walk on their knees for lack of wings and stingers.

Even though we've now read this story a billion times, the boys are still thrilled by the unlikely "hero" who cleverly distracts elephant from sneezing.

Sadly for mouse and the other animals, the author throws in a twist and the animals are consigned to the same fate but for a different reason.

We love to take turns yelling, "Yikes!" when the zebra looses his stripes.  The boys love the whimsical illustrations and wait on baited breath to see the hilarious things that happen to each animal.  The book also lends itself to a great discussion on rhyming words and lends itself to adding your own flair to the story by changing your voice and playing with dramatic voices.

This one will have your children pleading with the rest of the animal, "Oh pleeeeese, don't sneeze!"

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