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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Books For Boys #11: Creepy Carrots

I thought I'd spend the next few weeks highlighting some of the boys favorite "Halloween" books.  Several of these can fall into the Autumn book category and today's certainly does not have to be put away just because Halloween is over.

Today's Books For Boys is a favorite for those with a fondness for creepy things.  Creepy Carrots, written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown, while a new publication, is quickly becoming a new family favorite.  The boys and I have an annual tradition of purchasing a new Halloween book each September and while I originally bought this book for that purpose, I quickly found that this is one the boys want to read over and over.

Jasper Rabbit has an obsession with carrots and he just can't seem to pass by Crackenhopper Field without eating them.

Then one day he hears the "thunk, thunk, thunk of creeping carrots" and so begins his overactive imagination as he starts seeing creeping carrots everywhere.

Or does he?  The author leaves this a mystery until the end when you find out the creeping carrots had a plan all along.

The illustrations in this book capture the "horror" to perfection using vignette style boxes and lovely pencil drawn illustrations which have been digitally colored.

And as a mom, I love the conversational jumping off points.  Conversations on greed, over active imaginations and problem solving are just a few of the themes present in the story.

Stay tuned through the next month for more "creepy" reads.
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