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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sew In Tune: Kool Flattop

Hello! I'm Max, from Max California. For the longest time {as in a whole 3 years} I sewed boys things. So man boys things. I like to think I've got sewing for boys down pat now. Well sort of, he's of the age now where if I don't start and finish something within that week, it won't fit him! My boys' a-growin'! Now that I have a teensy tiny daughter, my exclusive boy sewing has had to be shared. It's all good, I will ALWAYS keep sewing for my main man {just don't tell my husband I'm not talking about him}. Before I had kids, my husband and I used to go to lots of rockabilly and punk gigs with our friends. Nearly all our friends were in bands and it was so fun to support them. Rockabilly and Psychobilly music became a massive part of my life, although I listen to Yo Gabba Gabba more now! Even though I don't listen to that music as much anymore, I still dress my son Vince like a little rocker. It's his style. I made this college jacket for him a little while ago, a miniature version of one I made my husband years and years ago, so here's the tutorial for it! The song I chose is Kool Flattop by the Horrorpops, a song about a cute Greaser boy {think Danny Zuko in Grease!}.

First you'll need a pattern for a raglan-sleeved tee. I used the one from this amazing book {I have the one for Babies too}. It's super dated, but has a lot of basic patterns in it for stretch-knit clothing {tees, hoodies, sweatpants etc}.

The pattern I used was this one:
Craftiness Is Not Optional has a great tutorial for Raglan tees right here, or if you're making this for a baby, check out the free pattern you can download here in sizes 0-12 months from The Alison Show.
Fold the front of the pattern in half and add 5cm. We're making a jacket, so you'll need the centre front opening.
Stitch the cuffs to the sleeves.
Mark on the jacket fronts where the original centre front was {5cm in from the edge}
What you don't see is where the kiddie couch she's asleep in is shoved under one of my desks!

I bought this little iron on patch of Vincent's initial. If you're using these sorts of iron-ons, you're going to need to stitch it down as well. They're completely hopeless and will unstick after one wash if you don't anchor it.
And you're done!
Head over to my blog to see HEAPS more boy tutorials. I need to update the tutorial page, but I have a 4 week old baby so it's been difficult, so you should check the tutorial tag too.

Thanks for joining us today, Max!  That new little one is just darling and so is the jacket!

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  1. I was having lots of fun reading this tutorial, but it looks like the final steps got cut off. Or is it just my computer? I would love to see how it ends! Sorainima at gmail dot com

  2. Sorry everyone, the post is now complete. Not sure what monster ate the rest of it as it was all ready to go last night.

  3. very nice! Now I need to find a raglan tee pattern for my little guy. Thanks!

    lestra 77 at yahoo dot com

    1. Lestra, Fishstick Designs has a great raglan tee pattern and the discontinued Tee For Two by Patterns by Figgy (you can still find a few on Etsy from time to time) are both PDF patterns if you can't find a vintage pattern. The raw edge raglan from Sewing For Boys will also work if you reverse the directions to make smooth seams.

  4. Neat!! I like this a lot. Also love the extra sleeping baby photo - awesome :).

    Thanks for the tutorial!

    christypintucks at gmail dot com

  5. Raglan is next on my list of things to sew for my boys - and I love how you made it a varsity jacket!!!

  6. aww, how cute and easy! my little boy would love a jacket like this for fall-time.
    joellemarie72 at yahoo dot com

  7. Really cute jacket! Love it and the skinny jean boy look!!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I love this jacket! I'm definitely going to have to make this one for my little man. Maybe with an Imperial cog added to the back. coyotelady13@yahoo dot com

  10. I love the jacket!!! I might do one for my son, it'll be great for this autumn ;)

    Sparklemarais at gmail dot com

  11. I love how you did the neckline on this, I never would have thought of using your technique. That's the reason I love, love, love reading tutorials. Awesome photos, too. Your little guy is the cutest. My little grandson is going to love having a jacket like this one. In fact, I think I have that actual book in my Right now, I'm in the middle of testing out my new to me, Singer 221 Featherweight by making jammy pants for my grandson.

    This jacket is going to be next on my list of things to make for Hezekiah along with some cargo pants.

    Have a terrific day!


  12. Cool top.

  13. You are so talented! Thank you for sharing this with us <3

    I love the varsity style and clothes for little rockers is not something you can just buy off the shelf!

    Love the tutorial :-)

    Keep up the good work and keep inspiring me <3



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