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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sew In Tune: If I Had A Million Dollars

Hi.  It's me...liZ from over at Simple Simon and Company.  Today I am sharing with you the weirdest project ever..I guess the project itself isn't that weird but the story and songs behind it...I don't know.  Let me explain:

The project is a tutorial to make a messenger bag for my Simon to carry his ipad in.
The ipad that he doesn't have yet.

And here is where things get strange...

So Simon really wants an ipad...and so do I and so does my husband but we don't have them.  However, my parents and siblings (who we see all the time) all do and they let Simon play on them whenever he wants.  Which makes him happy but also makes him ask when we'll get one to which we answer "when we have a million dollars".

I had several ideas for this fun series but one afternoon when we were having the ipad conversation on the way home from Grandmas Simon said, "If I had a million dollars I'd buy everyone an ipad AND we wouldn't have to eat Kraft Macaroni for dinner!"   

To which I said--"If you had a million dollars you wouldn't eat Kraft Macaroni?"
And he said, "Well, I'd probably still eat it 'cause I like it but tonight can we have spaghetti instead?"
And then Grace said, "No!  Let's have BACON!!!"

(What in the Barenaked Ladies moment was going on????)

That's when I knew I'd have to make him the

So if you want to make one, here is what you'll need:
*Cotton webbing
*A hair tie
*A button

And here's how to make it:
#1.  Cut 1 piece of felt and 1 piece of canvass into 9 and 1/2 inch by 15 and 1/2 inch rectangles.  Then cut 1 piece of felt and 1 piece of canvass into 9 and 1/12 inch by 12 inch rectangles.
#2.  Place the 9 and 1/2" by 12"  piece of canvass on top of the 9 and 1/2" by 12" piece of felt and sew a line across one end f the 9 and 1/2 inch side.
#3.  Place the small rectangles on top of the larger rectangles as shown in the picture above.  (It will be like a canvass sandwich with the canvass on the outside and the felt on the inside.) 

***Note: The line that you have just sewn along one edge of the smaller rectangles should be positioned in the "middle" of the bag and not at the bottom of the bag. 

#4.  Start at the bottom right hand corner and moving across the bottom of your bag begin sewing around the entire perimeter of the fabrics.

***Note:  You will need to stop in 3 locations to insert the straps and button tab.
#5.  When you come to the area of your bag where the small rectangle stops and the large rectangle continues.  Stop.  This is where you will insert your cotton webbing for your strap.

I just place an inch or so of the webbing inbetween the smaller and larger set of rectangles and then continue sewing.  (Often I will back stitch over an area like this for added strength.)  After the strap is inserted keep sewing up the side and then turn and begin sewing across the top of the bag. 

***Note:  For this bag I used 1 yard of cotton webbing.
#6.  When you come to the middle of the top of your bag stop again.  This is where you will insert your elastic hair tie.  (The hair tie will be used to fasten your bag closed.)

I just place the hair tie so half of it is in between the canvass and felt and the other half is sticking out.  (Like in the picture above.)  Then I sew over the top and often will back stitch over this area as well.

When you are done continue across the top and down the side.  Remember to stop and add the other side of your strap and finish sewing around the perimeter until you get back to where you started from.

#7.  When you are done and you fold that top flap down your bag will look like the picture above.
#8.  Now use your hair tie as the guide for where to place your button and hand stitch it on.

And your done....
Simon picked out a wicked weird button for his bag...actually he picked out the whole thing the colors of fabric and thread (anyone notice the lime green stitching?).  Anyways, he picked a button from a stash I got from a nice ladies basement.  It's a red and gold plastic jeweled one. 

He says it looks like Indiana Jones, which is what he is going to use his bag for (being Indiana on his exploring adventures) until we have a million dollars or an ipad...which ever comes first.

Thanks for inviting us to the party!  This is such a fun series and has inspired me to make a few other projects...I just need to finish gathering some supplies...

For other kooky projects and random stories feel free to visit us anytime!

Simple Simon & Co

Ps--I just noticed 2 things...yes, I spelled messenger wrong on the title photo...I know...and I also know that Simon's clothes don't match...they never do.  He's 8.  He's a boy.  He dresses me, he's worn a lot worse than this stripes and plaids combination.

Well, Liz, you can let your little guy know my oldest is waiting for a million dollars so he can buy and iPad, too. Thank you so much for sharing with us today.  

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  1. first, I LOVE that song! second, no one in my house has an I pad either, but I'm thinking some kind of tablet will come into our lives in the next couple of years - thus I should just go ahead and make one of these now ;o) Thanks for sharing!

  2. We have a work ipad in the house and that is enough! My boy is starting to think he needs a bag as his big sisters have them...this could be a great first one! thanks for sharing

  3. This is awesome - I grew up about 20 minutes from Scarborough (where BNL is from) and I remember as like a 10 year old going to the Scarborough Town Center to shop and seeing them play outside the Open Window Bakery in the mall. So awesome. I actually have their demo tape somewhere or other - too funny.

    Love the idea of making this a messenger bag - and neat tutorial too. Awesome job!



    christybhatnagar at gmail dot com

  4. that is I have the BNL song in my head...AND my six year old dresses the same when he dresses himself, you have dashed all I hope I had that he would outgrow that phase :( LOL

    1. my email: threadsofgray(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. No Ipads here either. My son is 2 and llooooovvveess them when he gets a chance to play them, I'm so glad he isnt old enough to ask yet, gives us some more time to aquire one. Thanks for a great tutorial! :)

  6. I love it! Spaghetti or bacon for dinner...
    alyssabpittman at gmail dot com

  7. haha! i love the story behind the song inspiration! (and now i have that song stuck in my head!!)
    joellemarie72 at yahoo dot com

  8. awesome pattern and super easy and fast!


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