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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sew In Tune: Born in the USA

Hi Sew in Tune readers, Adrianna from Crafterhours here.  Before I go any farther with this post, I just want to offer three reasons why it's the most special one of this whole series.
  1. It's the last one!  (Not because I'm a procrastinator or anything like that)
  2. It features the best musician of all time ever in the history of the universe.
  3. I know Stacey in real life, and I knew her before either of us were bloggers, and we will be in-laws when our eldest children get married.  Not really sure why that makes it special, but I just wanted to point that out so you could be jealous of me :)
So, in case #2 didn't give it away, my project is a tribute to the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, and his Born in the USA album!  
image via
This album doesn't have my very favorite Bruce song on it*, but it's still pretty dang good.  Most people can identify the hits from this album within the first few notes, and the Annie Leibovitz-photographed cover is one of the most iconic images in America.  (though the title song really isn't patriotic at all, just very honest.)

So I decided to incorporate Bruce's signature wooden electric guitar and that flag background onto a shirt for a boy, except mine is for a girl.  Cuz I have three of those and zero boys.  Although come to think of it, only my oldest can actually boast of being "born in the USA", since they were all born on different continents.

excuse the bandana, we didn't have any faded red caps on hand
Want to make one for your kid?  First you'll need a white shirt, some brown fabric (I used linen), white thread, and some double fusible interfacing.

Do a google image search for Bruce Springsteen's guitar, and find a simple image to print.  I printed mine on two pages and taped them together for a larger guitar.  Cut out a piece of your brown fabric a little bigger than the guitar.

Now here's the weird part, which you are welcome to do differently if you can.  Cut your guitar shape out of the interfacing and iron one side down onto your shirt where you want the guitar to be.  Then peel off the interfacing paper and lay your brown fabric down on the sticky guitar shape.  Iron it down so that the shirt and fabric are fused together.

Then carefully lay your guitar cut-out over the part of the shirt that is fused into the guitar shape.  This sounds difficult, but it was actually pretty easy to find the edges by lifting up the brown fabric.  You don't have to worry about perfection here.  Once you have the guitar cut-out positioned, trace around it with water soluble pen or pencil.

Now stitch directly on that outline.  I used the triple stitch function with a long stitch length to make it appear hand embroidered, but you could also actually hand embroider it if you're into that sort of thing.

When your outline is done, add in the details and stitch over those as well.

You can do as few or as many details as you'd like.  Or, just keep things nice and simple and stop at the outline.  

On the back, I used my Silhouette to make this iron-on transfer, but you could also achieve the
same look with freezer paper stenciling.

 And that's it!  A fun, boy-friendly tribute to The Boss!

Come over to Crafterhours and say hi to me and Susan some time.  We have lots of fun tutorials and even more random ramblings.  Thanks for having me Stacey!

*my favorite Bruce song is "Thunder Road", though "I'm on Fire" would make my top 3 and it appears on the Born in the USA album.
Thanks for joining us Adrianna!  Some of the best projects out there are the ones that will work for both boys and girls.  I love that our #1's share the "Born in the USA" trait and can't wait to sign those betrothal papers.  Tell Z she might want to study up on French.  C's eyes have begun to wander to the French girls at school. 

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  1. Well done! I like this shirt a lot - I like that it could work for older kids too. Really fun shirt!


    christypintucks at gmail dot com

  2. I'm so sad to see this series ending - what a great job everyone did with their contributions. I really like the details of the guitar on this one!!!

  3. This is one of the cutest shirts ever! Great instructions and can't wait to try it!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  4. Love the guitar appliqué and the stitching idea!
    alyssabpittman at gmail dot com

  5. oh i love how you NAILED that cover shot! great stuff, adrianna. :)

  6. I love the guitar applique!
    joellemarie72 at yahoo dot com


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