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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Luka Hoodie

Luka Hoodie

This month's "Sewing For Boys" pattern was the Luka Hoodie.  Mine was sewn using Riley Blake, Chevron  and Ombre Dots in green for the shell and a chocolate brown jersey knit. I went with the elastic cording and covered buttons option.  Overall I'm happy with how it turned out.  

The cutting of the pattern pieces and which fabric is actually the main or contrasting print can be a bit confusing because the photo included in the book doesn't exactly match the directions.  That said, I ended up with a not so secret pocket, which in the end was for the best.  When cutting, I hadn't visualized how the ombre effect was going to pan out over the hoodie front and pocket and as you can clearly see, the entire effect of the fabric is lost in the front of the garment.

Regardless of the fabric blunder, I'm so very happy that I was able to complete the project as instructed.  The inner lining of the hoodie has a Houdini like construction that really takes a lot of concentration, but when you see how it turns out in the end, you'll be stunned.  No raw seams?  Pure genius, I say!

Here's the "secret pocket".  If you are constructing this garment, some things to keep in mind when sewing the pocket.

1.  Think carefully about how you want your pocket to look when cutting the pattern pieces.  Choosing different fabrics for each section can give you a completely different look.  The photos in the book do not match with directions.  They've used two different fabrics for the flap and the inside pocket is made using the main fabric, not the contrast fabric.

2.  Step 5 has a typo.  You want to be sewing RIGHT sides together.

3.  In step 9 it states "with the lining facing the RIGHT side of the bottom front . . ." they mean the pocket lining and not the actually front lining fabric.  I made this mistake the first time around and it was not pleasant to pick it all out when it was time to construct the lining seams.

Another huge mistake I made (this one totally my fault because I obviously lack reading comprehension skills) was to use a stretch knit for my first lining.  The book clearly states, "knit with less than 10 percent stretch".  Okay, I admit that I read and understood this and then stubbornly ignored it.  I had such a lovely navy knit that I thought would be a fabulous contrast to the green and I just had to use it.  Let's just say, it did not end well and leave it at that.

As you can see from the photos, the entire project was redone because the stretch knit lining pulled at the top layer.

In the end, I think I actually like the brown lining better.  I'm totally thrilled with it's seamless nature and I think the brown and green pairing gives it a more boyish look.  C is calling it the "Dino Hoodie".  He wanted me to add spikes to he hood but sadly the idea came after it was sewn the second time.  He's right, too.  Dino spikes going down the hood would be stupendous!

C deemed it cozy and that's the whole point, right?  I'll definitely be sewing this pattern again.  There is no shortage in the need for cozy clothing items around here and given the moist nature of our surroundings, I'd like to give it a go using a water-proof fabric.

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  1. Very cute! I've been wondering if I should attempt this pattern. Weather is hotter here and not so wet, but Bean could use a raincoat. Did the sizing run large like the other projects have seemed to? I'm envisioning laminated cotton...

  2. It looks great! I would not have been able to rip the whole thing and redo the lining. I was pretty disappointed about missing out on the "Houdini moment" which seemed so clever... Apparently it's too clever for me because after messing it up once and struggling with it chinese finger trap style forever I just gave up and sewed them together a different way haha! It's wet here too so I was thinking a waterproof version would be very practical, I just don't know anything about sewing a raincoat. If you do a waterproof version I'd love to read about it!


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