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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Mini-Golf

Although summer has officially come to a close for many of us and the lazy days of summer have been sadly put to rest until next year, I realize I have yet to share our favorite "Summer of Fun" activities. For many of you there are plenty of sunny, after school hours still needing to be filled with fun so you may get to use these yet.
DIY Mini Golf

 One of our favorite outdoor activities this summer was to plan and make our own mini-golf course (aka; put put for my PA friends).

I drew the map after the boys discussed how many holes, what each should be made of, and where to place them in the yard.

Before heading outside we made made flags using printer paper, tape, and pipe cleaners.  The added bonus here was my 6 year old practicing his numerals which are often still written backwards.

The boys settled on 5 holes:
Each was made using items we had laying around the house.

Between planning out, setting up, and playing a few rounds of golf, we easily whiled away an entire afternoon.

The boys worked on important skills such as waiting one's turn,

gross motor skills and hand eye coordination,

and my personal favorites, reflection and revision.  As you can see here, hole number 2 did not work as well as expected.  I was so proud when the boys figured out how to improve upon their original idea.

Bet you can't guess who won!

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  1. What a great idea! Summer is just around the corner for us - I think we might have to give this a try.

  2. How adorable! Looks like an afternoon full of fun! Thanks so much for sharing with us this week!

    Take care,


  3. My husband is always telling me to buy one of those sets! Maybe I will have to now. Following you from the Wednesday hop.
    If you get a chance would check out my blog

  4. Nice idea!
    Great for autumn too, maybe we'll give it a try :)


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