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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sew In Tune: High and Dry

Hey I'm Jessica, and I blog about all kinds of sewing at A Little Gray. A lot of the time, I'm sewing something for my three year old boy Hendrix. 

I also LOVE music, so the concept of this sewing series is really fun for me! High and Dry is a Radiohead song from their second album, the Bends. It's the first Radiohead song I ever remember hearing, and then I was hooked. 

Hendrix is a fan too. See how moody and brooding he is from being forced to listen to Radiohead so much? :)

This summer we have been pooling a lot, so I knew he would need a nice pool robe to "just be cozy in" as he says. I used the basic pattern pieces from the flannel robe in the Sewing For Boys book. I know you guys are big fans of that book around here, just like me. But if you don't have the book, you are lucky that Heidi and I were both thinking robe for this series- Check out her great robe tutorial from last week.

I put a new spin on the pattern by cutting the pattern pieces out of two clearance beach towels I had bought at Target. I only cut out one of each, instead of two like the reversible or lined version. Two layers of towel would be much too bulky, plus I didn't have enough. I put it together and then finished all the inside seams and outside edges with homemade double fold bias tape.

I had been looking for a nice nautical red stripe, but settled on the red Riley Blake chevron instead. Cut on the bias, this made for a very interesting look, but I kind of love it. I'm glad I took the time to make my own too, because it's so soft and easy to sew. In fact, I just applied it quick-n-dirty style by sandwiching the robe seams between the folds of the bias tape and sewing it all together in one step. Normally, I like to apply bias tape in two steps, but there was no need to be precise for this fun summer wardrobe extra.

As Hendrix dries off in the sun here, you can see the inside seams finished in the bias tape. His swimsuit I made using Running With Scissors' amazing Euro Swim Trunks pattern, you can read more about that here

And then he does that inevitable thing children do with the items you lovingly make for them. 
Ah well, back to fountain playing. 
Thanks so much for having me join Sew in Tune Melissa and Stacey!

Thank you so much for joining in, Jessica.  This is a great pattern and I'm so excited to see it used for a swim robe.  Not that we've been able to do much swimming this summer, but I'm thinking my boys each need one themselves.  I'm envisioning terrycoth bathrobes for Christmas! 


  1. That looks so soft and snuggly I think I want one for me! The chevron bias tape is a brilliant idea - I love it!

  2. such a cute swimming ensemble - I think my boys will be getting some Euro swim trunks next summer ;o)

  3. I have a pattern for one of these robes, need to make it. I love how it's not lined or double layered too. No one needs two towels.

  4. Great looking robe! And I can't wait for the book! Threadsofgray(at) yahoo(dot) com

  5. what a great idea!
    joellemarie72 at yahoo dot com

  6. That is adorable and cozy, and the model Hendrix is the cutest thing I've ever seen, oh yeah, he's also my grandson.

  7. So cute, Jessica! Love how you thought of using a different material for the robe - smart cookie.

  8. Very cute!! Love the bright patterned bias tape on the robe! :)
    bcgeates at netbistro dot com

  9. The bias definitely makes it! So snuggly and warm. I've got to say that it is unfair that the boys are overlooked a lot of the time in the pattern department. So glad to see you're making up for the deficiency!

  10. I'm a huge fan of Radiohead as well. The robe is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win.

    frannyharrington (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. Super cute! I love cozy robes! I want this ebook so bad!

  12. Cute! I have to sew one for my son...



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