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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Little Heartbreaker Pants

Little Heartbreaker Pants

With the first week of Sew In Tune kicking off, the Sewing For Boys Sew Along kinda took a back burner this week.  You still have a few days left to finish off your Little Heartbreaker pants, so don't panic.  If you can find an hour or so in the next few days, you're golden.

Above are the two pairs of Little Heartbreaker pants, I've made so far.  Both have deviated just a tad from the book's directions, but not so much so that they don't capture the true essence of the pattern.  The pair on the left were C's Easter pants and while he can still wear them, they've moved from the pants category to that of capri.  Man do these boys grown fast.  The pair on the right were made for the Cheeseburger in Paradise  post and the only modification was to make them shorts length.

The Easter pair were made in a lime green seersucker.  It definitely wasn't warm enough on Easter Sunday for seersucker but that kept us stuck inside for Easter brunch, so it really didn't matter.  I have this thing about dressing "Springy" for Easter and I refuse to give it up no matter how cold and gray the day ends up being.  Plus I knew he'd be getting a ton of use out of them over the summer, so seersucker seemed fitting.  I went with a contrasting thread for the top stitching, which actually matches perfectly with the blue in the pocket and waistband facings.

I've learned through previous patterns in the book, that my child's personal measurements must be considered when sewing pants.  While C's length measurements fit with the size 6, his waist fits perfectly into the size 5 patterns.  Since I had two other pairs of pants to make, I opted to ignore the button hole elastic and went with a back enclosed elastic.  Now that I've seen how quickly he grew out of these length wise, it was a good decision.

I love the little front pleats and faux fly.  One of these days I'm going to give the real deal a try but for now, the faux fly gives these pants just the sophistication these little dress pants need without the extra time and effort.

And I'm totally digging the Amy Butler Daisy Chain scraps that peak out from the pockets

and waist facings.

Little Heartbreaker Pants Review

I do have to say, though, that the correctly applied button hole elastic does take the pants up another notch entirely.  When I look at the Cheeseburger in Paradise shorts, the button hole elastic

and Hong Kong seam finishes on the pockets go a long way to making this handmade wardrobe look more professional.  I love this pattern, ladies, so I hope you won't get too sick of seeing them done over and over again.

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  1. I totally thought the Cheeseburger shorts were store bought - the whole outfit looks like boutique wear. Great job!

  2. I loved making this pattern too. Enough detail to give a professional look, but nothing too challenging or fiddly to drive you nuts while you're sewing. Both you pants look great!


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