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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Union Jack Cuts

Union Jack Product Review

I've always been a fan of the Union Jack.  There's something in the pattern and color that is just so very eye pleasing.  Its recent popularity in home decor and fashion has made me a happy lady.  I don't know how the Brits feel about it, but I love the different color combinations popping up in the crafting community.  So, when the crafterhours ladies sent me a few samples of their new Union Jack Cuts, I was ecstatic.

They've created an entire line of Union Jacks in various complimentary colors.  The orange and blue might be my favorite but I go back and forth every time I look at them. And I love the fact that they can be purchase individually or in bundles of 9.  Just in case you want to whip up a a matching set of family shirts.

union jack zippered pouch

When they first arrived, my brain was over flowing with ways to put these 5 X 8 cuts to work.  They have unlimited possibilities.  Appliques, pillows, butting.  You name it.  But since I needed a little zippered pouch to help organize my purse, I went that route.

Each Union Jack is made from a beautiful organic, sateen cotton.  I love how the sateen surface takes this pouch up a notch.  My only regret, is that I didn't make this sturdier by inserting some heavy interfacing because it would made a fabulous clutch.

And look mom, I've finally over come my fear of zippers.  This was the perfect project for my introduction.

I can't tell you how many people have asked me where I got this pouch and I just made it last week.  I'm sure it's the compilation of the stunning fabric, the number of Brits at my son's school, the recent Queen's Jubilee and the London Olympics being right around the corner.  Either way, thanks to the crafterhours ladies, I'm a trend setter.

union jack applique

I played around with a few applique options as well.  This is my favorite so far and while I was super nervous to put such beautiful fabric through the Silhouette machine, it came out smooth as butta'.  My next endeavor, some Union Jack pocket linings.

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