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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Activities Calendar (aka: Summer Bucket List For Mom's Who Feel the Need to Plan Ahead)

Could I have made that title any longer?  Just wanted to make sure I covered all of the bases for when summer crazed mom's go searching the interwebs for ways to keep their kids from uttering those dreaded words.  "Mom, I'm B---."

Summer Bucket List

We've got a few weeks left here before my six year old is off for summer break, but I know many of you are frantically finishing up the school year and getting excited for the summer kick-off.  Since we've never had a school age child home for summer break before, I thought I'd get the jump on that nasty little B-word that I hear all kids utter at least once over summer break.

Summer Activity Calendar

After pinning about a dozen, "Summer Fun" ideas I'd seen on Pinterest, and thinking over how much fun the boys had with the advent calender, I realized a true summer bucket list just wasn't going to cut it for this Momma who feels the need to plan ahead.

One reason is that things are MUCH more expensive here than I can get them for on-line.  Seriously folks, you'd be hard pressed to find a small "To Go" cup of coffee for under 7 bucks in this city.  The other reason is that I wanted to be in control of which day we did which activity so that I can make sure we're stocked up for all of the little supplies we'll need.

In the end, I decided a calendar type system was the best way to go.  We'd already amassed quite a collection of TP rolls since we're constantly recycling them at craft time.  I'd remembered seeing a great Advent Calendar here and knew this would be the perfect way for us to go through our bucket list.

We still need to collect a few more tubes.  I counted our "Days of Summer" minus a family vacation we're taking.  We've got 35 week days to fill with fun.  I'm really excited about some of our activities and think we're going to have a great summer.

Feel free to print off and use our activities.  If you're not sure about some of the ideas, check back here because we'll be sharing all summer long.
Summer Activity Calendar

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  1. Love this idea! I will be following your blog now- it is great! Found you through Grits and Giggles. I blog over at This week we made a tire swing...maybe with all those boys you need one too!

  2. what a fun idea, and I love the use of the t.p. rolls to make the pouches. So glad you linked this up at Point of View. :)

  3. What a smart and FUN idea! I love it! This is the perfect way to kill the summer boredom blues for any age really. Thanks for linking up to Point of View!



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