Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mimi's Suspender Shorts

Mimi's Suspender Shorts

I'm so glad that I chose Mimi's Suspender Shorts for the May sew along pattern.  Let me tell you why.  First, the main reason I decided to sew my way through "Sewing For Boys", this year, was to expand my knowledge of sewing and create a unique wardrobe of clothing for my boys.  By choosing this pattern, I've completed a project I may not normally have chosen which has helped me expand upon my growing sewing skills.

I went with a basic ribbed knit because I wanted to make these super comfortable.  I wasn't sure how little K was going to feel about the suspenders, so I used snaps to make them detachable.  Surprisingly, he has had no issue with the suspenders.  Which is fabulous because I think they are darling.

The button hole elastic, that I'd ordered, didn't arrive in time, so I made the back waistband into a casing for regular elastic.  It may be because I was using knit anyway, but I think it works well for my little guy.  They're easy on and off and the knit fabric makes them perfect for climbing in and out of cars.

I found these adorable button in my stash.  I think they give the shorts just that little extra toward a vintage feel.

The teal cuffs and suspender "connector" were a last minute decision.  I had originally thought of keeping it all the same color, thus allowing the shorts to be worn with practically anything.

I'm so happy I went with the knit fabric because, as you can see, they are totally wearable for playing around in the yard.  Which is how we spend most of our time these days.

suspender shorts

A few last words on the pattern itself.  The shorts themselves go together easy-peasy.  I love the pocket construction, the front pleats and high waist.  The front and back waist facings go together quickly and easily and the button placement (if I'd followed the rules), was perfectly measured.  My only concern was with the suspenders, and basically I think this is all due to my inexperience with the lovely, pants holding up, straps.  You really do have to measure specifically to your child and make adjustments along the way.  I think it's hard to tell from the picture above, but my center bar is not yet perfect.  I think this is mainly a factor of involving the knit fabric.  I should have included an interfacing layer to both the suspenders and center bar.  He's happy with them so we'll see how much it annoys me.  Since they are detachable, it's no biggy to do them over.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!  I hope some of you will give this pattern a try.  I think they would be so, so adorable for a wedding or summer picnic outfit.  Made with a fabulous grey or green cotton. some contrasting fabric for the pocket facing, and bright buttons, these would be the hit of the party!

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  1. He is adorable!!!!! i didn't think it was possible for him to get any cuter and these shorts did it!!!! i love the knit!!

  2. He is soo cute!!! Great job! Using knit with all of the details..Great Job!

  3. These are so adorable! I love them in a knit! So soft and casual!

    I really want to sew these up, but I caught a head cold last week and got a huge amount of work dumped on me, so I'm kind of miserable right now and may not make the deadline, BOO. But it doesn't matter, I'll still sew them up soon even if I don't get them done before the end of May.

  4. These are really cute! I love suspender shorts, and they look great in the knit fabric.


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