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Monday, May 21, 2012



The cat was away this weekend and since I was playing at single mommy, I thought we'd have an extra special breakfast on Saturday.  I was thinking; pancakes, french toast, eggs with bacon.


C said he wanted Crepes.  The boy has a thing for pretty, little French girls.  His last two "friends who are girls" have been French and apparently the cuisine has rubbed off on him.

Since we didn't have anything better to do, I thought we'd give it a go.  Turns out they're easier to make than I thought.  We used this recipe but forwent the refrigerate batter for 1 hour part.  Who's got time for chillin' when you've got hungry boys to feed?

Ours weren't perfect by any means ( a flat griddle and possibly refrigerating the batter might have helped save a few).  By the end of the batch, I think I was getting pretty, darn close to perfecting the flip.

Besides, no one can see what they look like once they're smothered in Nutella and rolled, right?  And the boys had fun making eating them which is really what counts.

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