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Monday, May 14, 2012

Books For Boys

A few weeks ago, during their too short visit, I was watching my boys bring book after book to their Grandparents begging for them to be read.  As a former teacher and lover of books, it brought such a smile to my face and warmth in my heart.  I LOVE that they love books.

Living abroad and moving so often segregates us from the library community.  It's one of those things were forced to give up.  A) because most libraries only carry books in the language of the users and B) because we are unable to apply for a library card.  Which means . . . in order for me to keep up with our love of books . . . we are starting to amass a huge library.

I think the world of children's literature is starting to attend to the once misunderstood/ignored interests of boys.  Since boys tend to gravitate toward non-fiction, in the past there has been a deficit in fiction that keeps them engaged.  Lucky for the boys of this generation, this is changing.  I think it's still important for mother's/grandmother's of boys to share and talk about books that keep their son's attentions.  Discussing books with friends has always been my favorite way to choose the next read.

So I thought this is an area that might be good for the blog.  A weekly "Books for Boys" post, recommended by this boy heavy household.  This is mostly a crafty blog, but it's also a place for sharing all things boy related.  I think it should be a place of crafty refuge, as well as useful, boy related information.  But since you're the reason for my blah, blah, blah, please tell me what you think about this.

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  1. My favourites and my sons are the Harry and the Dinosaur series, including Harry and the Robots. And a marvellous book called Here in Space.
    have you discovered
    they are a great site and have an awesome range in their bargain bin.
    I will try to add more as I think of them.
    Favourites: Meg and Mog, Harry the dog series (Gene Zion)

  2. I love this idea!!!! We read the same books over and over and i am so sick of them!! can i confess that i hate reading dr seuss books???!!! not all of them, i like the ones that are a story, but one fish, two fish. that book makes no sense!!! i would love some recommendations on books that are fun and have a great story to them!!

  3. We love books and I love gaining suggestions. My son is older - seven and a half - and reading on an older reading level and since I was never a boy I rarely know what to recommend. Since he can read a magic treehouse book in about two hours there just is no way for me to reread all of his books. :) So, yup sounds like an awesome idea to me - and I'm hoping you attract some of the older crowd as well. :)

  4. Uh, yeah! Do it! My son is three now, so we're just getting into books with more of a storyline and Dr. Seuss, etc. But his favorites are about trains, trains, trains, and more trains. :-)

  5. I would love to hear about your favorite boy books! I have a boy (3 yo) who also loves to read and am always looking for fun new books to try out.

  6. Good idea :) We love books as well! My 2.5 year old loves to read and be read to. The selfish crocodile has been his favourite for a while (actually since he got it for his first birthday...) and The snail and the whale, the gruffalo books... Well, animals are good alternatives to cars and planes here :)
    A couple of days ago I caught the little one (8 months) reading a book instead of eating it. He sat there with it, really interested and actually turned the pages and looked all absorbed by it... so cute.

    Reading your comment on libraries I start getting really curious about where you live... (we also live in a country with another language than our family language and accumulate books at home). Wonder about the library cards... do you have to stay in one place for a certain time to get one? Hmm, my experience was that even as short as half a year was no problem.


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