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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Books For Boys: #1 The Three Little Aliens And The Big Bad Robot

Choosing which of our favorite books to feature first for the new series, Books For Boys, has been a challenge.  The boys have so many favorites that they come back to, time and time again, that it is hard to single out just one.  The good thing is, that we'll be continuing this series for as long as we can keep coming up with new favorites.  Which I think will be a very, very long time.

First up, by default (or rather a quick game of eenie, meenie), we have . . .
The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot by Margaret McNamara and Mark Fearing.

The first thing this book does right, in the eyes of the boys, is feature a group of alien siblings.  All things alien and space rate high with this group.

You can consider this book a modern-day, Big Bag Wolf.  Three young aliens set out on their own to explore the galaxy and find new homes.  Along the way they stop off at each planet and come across some very cool space junk.

Once they each find the perfect homes for themselves, along comes the Big Bad Robot to break it all up.

The boys love the names of the aliens and the "comic book" like sounds of the robot.  I love that the authors throw in some planetary facts and the age old messages, "Always stick together" and "Call me every once in a while".  These are important things for boys to remember.  I'm not above brainwashing to get in all the things I need to teach them before they leave the nest.  I don't mind taking some help from their story books.

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