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Friday, April 13, 2012

Viking Valentines Shirt and Stencil

The Viking Valentine'd Day Shirt was a big hit at our house last year.  The boys have worn them on, an almost weekly basis since they were made.  Even more impressive is that they've held up in the wash, with minimal fading, even though I only used acrylic paint.
Viking template

The original shirts were made for a 2 year old and a 4 year old (and the kids are now a year older) so really, it's about time they had new ones.

The Viking Shirt was made using a freezer paper stencil and the original design had an embroidered heart on it.  Whether you choose to go with the lovey-dovey version or just plain, they're pretty easy to make.

viking shirt

To make one of your own you'll need:  freezer paper, t-shirt, fabric paint or acrylic craft paint, and the stencil provided below.

To print the stencil, click on the photo above and save it to your computer.  Simply open in a word document, re-size, and print.  If you have a Silhouette machine, open the image in the Silhouette software, select the trace and cut options and have your machine cut the image.

viking freezer paper stenciling

Once you transfer the stencil to the freezer paper, use an Exacto knife to cut away the spaces where you want your paint to show.  I used a hole punch to easily extract the eye and helmet studs.  Then iron your stencil onto the shirt.

Paint the stencil with the fabric paint color of your choice.  I applied two coats this time for a more vivid color.  The last set of shirts were made by applying several layers in two different colors and using a stencil brush on the final layer to create a more muted look. I did the first one's with a metallic top coat and loved the way the silver and gold tones gave the stencil a bit of edge.

The newest version has passed the three year old's preference test.  He's declared the viking cool and my 6 year old (who's learned some diplomatic skills along the way) stated that this one actually looks MORE like a viking.

I'm still debating whether to add the embroidered heart.  I added a graphic heart in a few photos above so you can see what it would look like.  What do you think?  As you can probably tell, S was too busy to give me his thoughts on the heart.  Or to put his shoes on the correct feet.

A busy Viking boy does not have the time to give his mother crafting advice.

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  1. Hooray for the new Viking debut!

  2. So cute! I guess this one isn't part of the silly cease and desist?

  3. I love it! Busy Viking boys. I miss them. :(

  4. I don't have any boys but I bet my husband would wear this. Or if I do it in a "girly" color one of my girls would. We have a huge love of Vikings in this house.


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