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Monday, April 2, 2012

March Sew Along Winner

Happy April, everyone!  Did you pull any pranks yesterday?  Whether you were the prankster or the preyed upon, I hope your April 1st was filled with more fun than fool.

Onto our "Sewing For Boys" prize announcement.

Our list of 13 participants . . .

Which makes the winner of the Trisha B Design Fabric Birthday Banner . . .

Marianne__bags who modified the Easy Linen Shirt pattern into a fleece jacket.

Congratulations, Marianne.  When you get the chance, shoot me an e-mail with your mailing address, Marianne.

Great sewing, again, this month ladies!  I'm so loving the creativity you are using to embellish these patterns each month.  The added versatility these embellishments bring to the pattern mean, I'll be sewing it again and again.  Some of my favorite embellishments this month were . . .

the darling loop style button from thishappystuff which compliments the lime green linen perfectly,

the bias tape hem from Threadbias,

Topstitching and side vents by Milostones Creates,

the additional pockets added by Peachy Seam, that make this shirt look extra comfy.

Thank you so much for sewing along with me this month!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! These are all super awesome!

  2. I agree, I've totally been loving the adaptations and personal touches!

  3. Thanks for sharing my my bias trimmed hem! Love, love, love the loop button and the green linen! Will be adding one of those next time for sure!


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