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Monday, March 12, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

 Last, last Friday I realized the following Monday was C's birthday.  Around here, a cupcake celebration at school is the norm and being the kind of mom who was already feeling guilty that she'd limited the number of friends invited to the weekend bash, I made sure we delivered the birthday snack.
Rainbow M and M Cupcakes

It just happened to be the day that two gigantic window were being replaced, which means I was mixing batter at 10 am and figuring out how to decorate at 1 pm and then rushing out the door.  So, not much of a surprise that when I sat down to decorate, I realized our decorating supplies were at an all time low.

No food coloring.  No sprinkles.  And certainly no fondant.  What's a girl to do?

I did happen to have a bag of  m & m's hiding in the cupboard . . .

rainbow cupcakes

and thus gave birth to the rainbow cupcake.

Nothing fancy.  Just a little pop of color on a pathetic batch of butter cream frosting.  I know.  Please ignore it's grainy appearance.  Butter cream just isn't the same when using the local "powdered" sugar.

Not as fluffy as I would've like but thankfully it still tastes yummy.  At least I assume it does, since not a single cupcake survived the day.  Which means they might resurface again for St. Patrick's Day. Or a Wizard of Oz party?

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