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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rainbow Bath Towel Tutorial

Rainbow Scrap Fabric Bath Towel Tutorial

As the winter drags on, I need a little something to brighten up the house.  And since I have a few crafty minded friends, who love all things rainbow, these make a great house warming present or a winter blues, pick-me-up gift as well. And who doesn't love a project that helps to whittle down the fabric scrap bins?   Here's a tutorial for some scrappy rainbow bath towels for all those partial to all things rainbow.

2 Hand Towels
Scraps of fabric in rainbow colors
coordinating thread

The first thing you want to do is measure your towel.  I"m not sure what the standard measure for a bathroom hand towel is but mine was 19 inches wide.

Now do the math.  I made my strips 3 X 6 1/2 inches wide (give or take a few).  Not all of my scraps made the measurements which was fine.  I'm a flexible kinda girl.  Just add another strip or make some of the other strips wider.

Now sew your strips together in rainbow order.  As you can see, because of my flexible attitude, one towel ended up with more pieces.  This is easy to remedy as you press your "hems".

Now press those seams.  1st, press all of the sewn seams in the same direction.  Make sure to turn over and press in the crease so you get the maximum fabric allotment.  2nd, press a 1/2 inch "hem" around the rectangle.  Remember to check the short ends against the towel because depending on the width of the towel, and your scrappy pieces, you may need to press the "hem" on the short sides a bit more than a 1/2 inch.

Now lay your rectangle out on the towel and pin in place.  I wanted to cover the original "embellishment" so mine was pinned about an inch from the bottom.

Check that your short side hem is even with the edge of the towel and pin.

Now you can use a fancy, or standard stitch to sew the patch work to the towel.  I used a ladder-like stitch on the top and a regular straight stitch for the rest.

fabric scrap project

And there you have it.  Pretty, embellished towels just perfect to brighten up your bathroom.

hand towel gift

Or someone else's.  This set is off to a house full of pretty, rainbow lovin', Spoonflower square set selling, ladies.

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  1. wahoo!!!!! i'm going to go stand in front of the apo mailroom now and just wait semi-patiently for these to arrive. they can go on rotation with the pink ones you made us that we use in our guest bathroom! (do you like how i just assume these are for me? it's going to be so awkward when they're not...)

  2. These are soo stinkin adorable.. I just love the sweet colors! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.. you make it look easy!

  3. MEMEMEMEMEMEME! I will fight A for them.

  4. And they have to fly this way before they can fly that way, and I'm not above snatching them out of the mailman's hands.

  5. I love these!!! I have been having trouble finding new orange towels for our downstairs bath i think a white towel with oranges across would be perfect!! thank you!!

  6. I love the ladder stitching you did, it adds just a little bit more to the beautiful rainbow look. I'm new to blogging and sewing so I hope this isn't too difficult.

  7. so fun! thanks for linking up to Make it MOnday! I've shared your link on the Brassy apple FB page and with my twitter followers! :)

  8. gorgeous! You can't beat a rainbow!

  9. These are so cute. You could do it on both sides if you need to repair your old towels that need a little help.


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