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Monday, March 26, 2012

Modified Kickin' Back Pants

Hi, everyone.  I'm back.  Thank you all for your supportive comments.  I look a long walk over the weekend and have re-adjusted my attitude.  I promise I'm not quitting at this time.  Thanks to some very resourceful readers, I'm pretty sure I'm not in the wrong with the Viking shirt.  I'm choosing to put aside the battle and will be back with a re-design on the Viking stencil.

kickin' back sweats

I finished these Kickin' Back pants a few weeks ago but since I made them with a linen/cotton blend purchased from the Sew Mama Sew shop, it hasn't been warm enough for C to wear them.  As you can see in the photos, he's wearing them with a fleece.

The pocket is made from a scrap of Navy Blue Dot to Dot from Michael Miller.

I went with a lightweight fabric because I figure we won't be seeing a whole lot of shorts weather around here this summer.  And since I hear the summer months tend to be rainy, I gave the pants elastic bands to make it easier to stuff the pants into rain boots.

The elastic bands on the legs have also helped with the problem of the wide leg style getting caught on his feet while crawling around during carpet activities at school.  Happily, I think this pair is going to get a lot of use while the weather is good and I can't wait to see them with a pair of sandles.

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  1. good on you for not giving up- some people ar just plain rude- there's nothing we can do about that!


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