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Friday, March 9, 2012

Lego Star Wars Birthday Invitation

Much of my extra time this week has been devoted to C's 6th Birthday party. We're keeping it small with only 6 kids which is actually making the planning so much more fun.  There are so many options when you're working with a small group.  I'll have more to show you after the weekend.

One thing I can show you is the Lego Star Wars themed invitation.

free lego star wars party invitation

When C first told me he wanted a LEGO Star Wars party,  I thought he'd be throwing me for a loop, combining the two.  It turns out, it makes a Star Wars party even easier.  Not only can I use Star Wars items and ideas but I get the bonus of Lego, too.  Personally, I like the Lego colors much more than Star Wars.

I ended up doing the invitations two different ways.  Pictured above is the invitation printed on copy paper and then glued to card stock. I wasn't sure if printing them directly onto the card stock would be dark enough to read the words so I tried this way first.

Turns out, I didn't need to worry.  I needed to make a few alternates so I tried printing directly on the card stock and the results were just as good.  Word to the wise--- make sure you weigh your invitations down with a book after the ink is set.  Otherwise you get curly invitations.
Lego Star Wars Invite

Just click above to download the invitation (personal use only, please).  To get the cool Star Wars font go here.  Download the font and install it on your computer and then you should be able to highlight the  wording on the invitation and change the font.

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  1. Cute idea. I always make my own invites, too. I think you, like most good moms online, try to keep your kids' names private. If that was your goal, you may want to edit your first set of pics. The name is not blurred out. Just fyi...


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