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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Easy (Quilter's) Linen Shirt

easy linen shirt

When I chose this as our March pattern, I had every intention of making my Easy Linen Shirt out of linen.  What I'd forgotten is that I used part of my linen stash in a non-sewing project.  The next best option was a piece of Robert Kaufman's  Quilter's Linen in Natural.  While it doesn't give the garment the light, flowing feel of real linen, it's 100% cotton which means less ironing for me and a softer feeling fabric for Mr. Sensitive.

The pattern was extremely easy to use.  Just one word of warning.  When tracing the 2/3 pattern, make sure you use the correct markings.  I somehow missed the correct curve for the front pieces and ended up with a 2/3 length but a 4/5 curve.  This leaves the chest opening much wider.  I didn't realize what I'd done until I went to sew the collar on and the 2/3 collar was too short.  Not a big problem.  I just made the 4/5 collar and went with a slightly more complicated embellishment than I'd planned.

The applique, collar and sleeve facings are made with Micheal Miller Dumb Dot in navy.  No pun intended, truly.  I just liked how the navy looked on the straw color of the Robert Kaufman fabric.

The collar pattern and directions were amazingly easy to follow and put together.  I've never sewn this type of collar before and I have to say, the ladies were telling no lies when they claimed the folded edge made sewing a breeze.

To save the shirt from my tracing blunder, I went with a few eyelets and a piece of cotton piping.  The knots are just enough to keep the shirt from opening too much and I'm excited to see a touch more character once the shirt is washed and the ends fray (let's hope) just a bit.

Oh, and look at this.  Is that an upturned mouth I see?

And some teeth?

Geez, I can actually call this one a smile.  See, I finally have proof that the child does smile on occasion.

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  1. I LOVE the way you closed the top up!! I may have to steal your idea for the next easy linen shirt I make (my 2nd son is begging me for one--just like his brother's) Awesome shirt!

  2. Love the shirt but I'd like to place an order for the model please. That smile is charming. We know he has it in him.

  3. I love your version of the top. I've never used eyelets before but you've definitely made me want to try. It looks like a great fit and the pictures are really cute.


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