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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sewing For Boys Pump Up Series: Everywhere Orange

Wow, we've had so many great guest over the last week and a half!  For Day 10 of the Sewing For Boys Pump Up Series, meet Kris, who likes orange.  A lot.  And her adorable little boy.  Just look at that smile.    It just melts my heart so it's a good thing he's not mine because he'd get away with everything.  
I've you've been around awhile, you might remember Kris from this Fall when she saved the day by filling in while we moved.  If you haven't been over to everywhere, I encourage you to do so.  Kris has a ton of wonderful recipes and crafts.  Right now she's Reorganizing 2012.  I'll be following along.  I can't tell you how badly this house needs to organized.  
Okay, Kris, take it away.
Hi Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! readers, my name is Kris and I blog over at everywhere orange

I am a wife and stay at home mom to an almost 3 year old boy. I gave up my job as a high school art teacher to stay at home with my son.  Everywhere orange is my space that is just for me to share crafts, cooking and a little orange.  Every Friday I share an orange item in my house.  It is shocking how much orange is in this house :)  I was so excited when Stacey asked me to be apart of this pump up series and had a hard time deciding which project to pick from this awesome book.  I can't wait for the sew along because there are so many things that I want to make!!

When I was looking through the book one thing stood out as the first thing I needed to make... matching cousin jammies!! We had just booked our flights to go to Arizona for my nephew's first Christmas when I got this book.  Cousins need matching pajamas.  My mom used to get me and my girl cousins matching pajamas for sleepovers when we were little.  It was so cute and fun so I wanted to do the same for my little boy and his cousin.  

N, my nephew and Peanut Butter (PB), my son

I used the goodnight, sweetheart pjs pattern for PB's bottoms and the Mr. Two Face pants pattern for N's bottoms.  I made appliqued shirts to go with the pants.  

I modified the pattern by making the cuff and the pocket a contrasting fabric.  

The pants are plain when extended and then you can see the contrasting fabric when cuffed.  The cuff is tacked in place and can be let down as your little one gets bigger. Genius!!  

The Mr. Two Face pants pattern doesn't have a cuff so I added some fabric to the bottom of the pants to match PB's pants.

I just cut the pants a little shorter than the pattern and added a 3 inch piece of the contrasting fabric.  All of my seams were serged but a serger is not necessary.

The Goodnight, Sweetheart Pjs pattern in the book has a matching shirt to go along with it.  I have been sewing for a few years but am still not confident making shirts.  I am scared of sleeves.  Hopefully i will get over that fear doing this sew along :) So I went back to an old favorite of mine and did a little applique with some red fleece.  

I used one of the snowflakes in the fabric pattern and enlarged it for the applique on the shirts.  I couldn't find a cheap, long sleeve shirt for PB so...

... I cut off the sleeves from one of his old shirts and attached them to the short sleeves.  

Matching cousins jammies sure do make for a cute Christmas morning.  

Thanks Stacey for asking me to be apart of this pump up series! I have had a blast seeing what everyone is making.  I am officially pumped!

Thank you, Kris.  That is one  cutie pie set of PJ's.  And cousins.  I love the fabric you chose for the the pants.  And keep working up the courage on those shirts.  The patterns in Sewing For Boys make them much less daunting.  

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  1. Thanks so much Stacey!!! I am having a blast with this series!!

  2. I LOVE your fabrics, and the tees are fabulous, too. What a great Tutorial!


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