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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sewing For Boys Pump Up Series: That's a Wrap

The Sewing For Boys Pump Up Series has come to an end :(

I've had a blast, so I hope you have too. I've finished my January pattern and will be posting it in the next few days.  I'm so grateful to all of the ladies who've posted over the last two weeks. Your insights into each Sewing For Boys pattern is invaluable as we embark upon this year long sew along.

Just in case you've missed something a long the way here's a recap of the Pump Up Series (top left to right):

I can't wait to see everyone's Raglan Tees.  Remember to comment on this post once you've finished.  You've got two more weeks left to get them done.  Plenty of time!  

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  1. thanks for linking up to Make it Monday! Just pinned your post and shared it on the Brassy Apple FB page! :)

  2. I am soooo excited to have found your page. Brassy Apple posted your link on her facebook page for MitM. I am always looking for great sewing ideas and crafts for my two boys. {Squeal}

  3. What fantastic work. It is always so hard to find great patterns for boys. it has inspired me to make so much in the coming months. Thank you


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